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My November edition of things I love include my secret to a good night’s rest in noisy hotels, a great new LP, my secret weapon for stain removal, the most comfortable tights, a chic hair accessory, a gourmet finishing salt, tangle-free headphones, the best deodorant, help with styling outfits, and my solution for ironing on the road.

Read on to find out my favorite things for November.

1.   Zipbuds keep my earphones tangle-free.

2.   Keeping Abreast of It Deodorant is a natural product formulated with Angstrom Zinc and Silver which kill odor causing bacteria. I tried several natural deodorants and nothing worked until I heard about Simply Botanicals. I love their products. Aluminum, a common ingredient in antiperspirants, may be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Aluminum clogs your underarm pores, so you don’t sweat. The leading cause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirants. Chemicals found in most deodorants (Methyl parabens) are being found in breast tumors in their ester form which indicates the chemical is entering the body through the skin and not by oral ingestion. Keeping Abreast of It deodorant contains no harmful ingredients. In addition, the essential oils in the product stimulate lymphatic flow that helps with fibrocystic breasts.

3.   Stitch Fix is a box shipped directly to your home filled with five hand-selected items from your very own stylist. I love everything my stylist sends me.  I recommend selecting tops and dresses. Be very specific when you create your profile. You can even share your pinterest profile and photos so your stylist can select the right look for you. You pay a $20 styling fee that is applied towards a credit on any item you purchase in the shipment. You can return all the items in a pre-paid mailing bag that comes with your shipment. If you buy all the items in the box, you get an extra discount. You can even buy a gift card for friends and family.

4.   The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar is my go-to stain remover. Just rub on the stain and watch it go away.

5.   Tricia Yearwood Prizefighter: Hit After Hit is a fantastic LP including new tunes plus a collection of her hit songs.

6.   My Little Steamer Mini is the perfect travel companion. It’s lightweight and easier than ironing.

7.   Bic Bands are my favorite hair accessory. I love the sparkle ones. Best of all the headbands stay in place. The company also donates a percentage of each item sold to a charity.

8.   Fleur de Sel de Guérande is my favorite salt. I think there’s no finer salt available anywhere. Fleur de Sel is a ‘finishing’ salt. You do not cook with it, but sprinkle it over food just before serving. I like to use it on dark chocolate desserts.

9.   Ear Peace are the best ear plugs. I use them to get a good night’s sleep on the road.

10. Boot Tights are awesome tights with a built-in sock. I wear boot tights with my uniform. The boot tights feature moisture-wicking fibers to keep feet cool and dry, compression arch support that hugs your feet for a contoured fit, a strategically placed mesh zone that provides supreme ventilation, extra cushioning in the toe and heel, and a flat toe seam eliminates uncomfortable “tight toe.”

What are YOU loving lately?

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