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Things I Love October 2014

I am  sharing a few the things I love lately. I think you will love them too!  Read on and find out about my favorite things.

1.  S’well Bottle is a stylish water bottle that I love. The S’well bottle keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks  hot for 12 hours. The stainless steel bottle is double-walled, which not only provides an insulating layer but also prevents condensation, so you don’t have to worry about a drippy mess in your bag or on your desk. S’well is available in 9oz., 12oz. and 25oz. sizes. The 9oz. size is ideal for little ones. The mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and drip-free sipping. Check out some great tips for disinfecting your water bottle.

2.  Aloha Daily Greens are a life saver if I can’t pack my glowing green smoothies on longer trips. I pack  Aloha Daily Green packs and shake them into a small water bottle or  juice.  It’s great as an immunity and energy boost! 

3.  Gillette Venus Snap is a mini razor that comes in a compact travel case. The Snap has five blades and a moisturizing strip. Cute, right? It keeps my legs beach-ready and my makeup mess free. I highly recommend it for travel.

4. Poo-Pourrie is the best air freshener. Many people are allergic to strong air fresheners like the ones from Bath and Body Works. Poo-Pourrie does not cause headaches or smell like a strong fragrance.  I spray it in the lavatory on the plane to get rid of harsh odors.  Poo-Pourie is a blend of essential oils and does not contain harsh chemicals, paragons, phthalates, aerosol, formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, ethanol or benzene.  I prefer the original blend, but several fragrances are available.

5.  Jao Hand Sanitizer is my preferred hand sanitizer.  Most sanitizers use a synthetic antibacterial agent called triclosan, which is controversial for its damaging effects on marine life and its peculiar tendency to spawn resistant bacteria. Jao was tested against seven of the most likely hand contaminants.  In all cases, the “kill rate” was less than one minute.  The formula draws on a blend of essential oils including eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, sage, and tea tree to prevent drying. Unlike every other commercial antibacterial product I’ve used, this one didn’t make me want to rub my hands on a towel to get rid of a wet residue or an overpowering, scent.

6.  Tooth Soap is an amazing product to replace toothpaste. My favorite is the liquid! Just add two drops on a wet tooth-brush and begin to brush. No added sugars, fluoride or toxic chemicals. The ingredients are olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water and essential oil.  Tooth Soap Shreds are ideal for travel since they are not a liquid. Place one shred on a back molar. After you bite down, and the shred is firmly in place, use a wet toothbrush rubbed over that embedded shred. The product will produce a delightful foam that cleans your teeth and gums. You will feel a difference after just one brushing.

7.  Emily Ley Simplified Planner is my favorite planner.  If you are a list maker and a goal setter, you are going to love this planner. The simplified planner comes in three different adorable cover options with gold foiling detail. The January 2015 – December 2015 planner has a page per day highlighting timed schedules, to dos, notes, and dinner planning. It’s ideal for  moms, students, business women, and those who are constantly on the go. There’s even encouraging quotes to get you through the day. I also love the 2015 bucket list at the beginning of the planner. The planner is a great gift idea too.

8. Raw Munuka Honey  produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Manuka bush offers many healing properties. All honey has small amounts of naturally produced hydrogen peroxide, which help fight inflammation-causing bacteria. Manuka honey is even more powerful, believed to fight up to 80 different varieties of bacteria. I use it for mosquito bites to stop the itching. I also use it on burns.

Some of the uses of Manuka Honey include the following:

Digestive health

If you’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable, Manuka honey can aid a variety of issues, including bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. Simply stir into a mug of hot water or tea to soothe your pains. It is also known to decrease the duration of bacterial diarrhea. Studies show that honey assists rehydration of the body during diarrhea sickness and that bacteria which cause diarrhea are very sensitive to the antibacterial action of honey.


Manuka Honey contains more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants than other types of honey. Manuka honey boosts the immune system which can prevent colds from coming on as well. Most people who ingest Manuka Honey on a regular basis find that they almost never get sick and also have more energy. Stir a teaspoon of Manuka honey into your hot lemon drink to prevent the cold bug taking a grip. Manuka honey is high in antibacterial levels and recommended in the treatment of ulcers, strep throat, cold sores, skin infections, cuts and abrasions.

Skin Ailments

When applied directly, Manuka honey provides excellent treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, insect bites, burns, and surgery wounds. It also helps reduce scarring and healing time and can also be used as a facemask or to soothe sunburn. Active Manuka Honey treats MRSA superbugs, Bed Sores and other external ulcerative conditions. Acne and rosacea sufferers can benefit from the use of Manuka honey as a skin cleanser; its anti-inflammatory qualities help skin conditions without removing natural oils.


Manuka honey is great for a short-term energy boost as it is it made up purely of carbohydrates, such as fructose and glucose – your body’s primary energy source.

Be careful of consuming too much honey in general as this is a source of sugar, meaning that an excessive intake can lead to weight gain, regardless of the honey’s source.

Use the following guidelines when purchasing Manuka honey.

  • UMF stated on the front label.
  • It is packed into jars and labelled in New Zealand.
  • It is from a New Zealand company licensed by UMFHA to use the name UMF.
  • It has the UMF licensee’s name on the front label.
  • It has a rating of UMF 5+ or more.

9.  She Reads Truth Devotional App is a my go to app on the road for my daily devotional.  She Reads Truth is an online community of women who read the Bible together daily. The hashtag #shereadstruth is where you will find all kinds of women who are reading along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  The She Reads Truth blog also has a discussion going where you will find even more ladies that are participating.  If you are having a difficult time trying to decide where to start reading or if you’ve never read the Bible,  I encourage you to check out She Reads Truth.  I know that you will be encouraged.

10.  Go Pro is the world’s most versatile camera. The Go Pro allows you to share your life through incredible photos and videos.  I truly believe it’s one of the best travel companions. It’s ideal for capturing memories while skiing, biking, water skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, and skating. Go Pro is light, portable and takes outstanding video and photos.  Prices start at $129 for the entry-level HERO. You can also feel comfortable allowing a child to use it.

What are YOU loving lately?

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