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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

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1.    I have never ordered anything from Rent the Runway but loved this behind the scenes look at the business and how it’s growing.

2.    Who pays on a date?

3.    I liked this interview with Ina Garten. Her latest cookbook is out.

4.    A Bachelorette composer reveals how he drums up drama and romance on reality tv.

5.    These Buckeyes are a great dessert for fall events.

6.    The hidden reason Alzheimer’s caregivers are so stressed.

7.    Dating without texting.

8.    A beautiful read about living through the death of a parent.

9.    How to do everything but delete your Facebook profile.

10.  The college that makes everyone’s tuition free and every student is given a job.

11.  The healing benefits of celery juice. Celery has an incredible ability to create sweeping improvements for all kinds of health issues.

12.  Try Gina’s turkey pumpkin chili for dinner this week.

13.  These salted tahini chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

14.  36 hours in Chicago.

15.  What really happens when you don’t turn your off your cell phone on the plane.

16.  ‘Do Not Track,’ the privacy to0l used by millions of people, doesn’t do anything.

17.  Tyrosine may help ease anxiety and panic attacks.

18.  Weekend plans should include these paleo and gluten-free cinnamon rolls.

19.  Why isn’t God answering my prayer?

20.  How to clean an instant pot pressure cooker.

21.  The complete lineup of 2018 Hallmark Christmas movies.

22.  Chocolate cake with espresso buttercream is the perfect cake for a coffee lovers.

23.  Everything you need to know about buying plane tickets.

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Link Love: What I’m Reading This Week

link love

Here are a few fun links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    How to stay healthy while traveling the globe.

2.    I plan on trying some of these healthy crock pot meals .

4.    When human trafficking goes unnoticed in America.

5.    Don’t feel bad for me because I do things alone.

6.    How to change someone’s mind according to science.

7.    Adam Grant discusses the art of managing fear.

8.    Apple is right the FBI wants to break into lots of phones.

9.    A surprising way to discover the secret of who you are.

10.  Tips from a butler on cleaning a home.

11.  What causes autism?

12.  The invention of the Type A personality.

13.  How to use Facebook’s new like button.

14.  How Marie Kondo organizes her brain.

15.  How I quit my smartphone and really started living.

16.  You weren’t born to pay off debt and die.

17.  This salted caramel banana bread is delicious.

18.  Navigating adolescence and your kid’s perspective.

19.  The science behind overeating.

20.  These Mexican falafel tacos are tasty.

21.  Meet the internext hoax buster.

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Link Love

link love

Some of my favorite links from around the web! Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   I enjoyed this story about starting the new year with thanks. (

2.   Why we don’t need resolutions as much as we need real solutions. (

3.   This google year in search video is worth watching. (

4.   Why you should ditch the purell and decline the receipt. (

5.   A great story about dealing with anxiety. (

6.   I really liked these 5 five steps to easily manage the new year. (

7.   Some great advice from Ben Franklin on dealing with bullies and internet trolls. (

8.   Find out the best cooking schools around the world. (

9.   Cinque Terra is one of my favorite places to visit in Italy. (

10.  The best recipes from food bloggers in 2014. (

11.  The question you should never ask a single woman. (

12.  These magic bar brownies are perfect for a Super Bowl party.  (

13.  Do you have Cherry Anginomas? Where do they come from? Are they a “normal part of life” like we’ve been told, or is there something deeper? (

14.  Have you got a gluten, wine, or dairy face? (

15.  Great tips for organizing your online life for a less stressful 2015. (

16.  10 of the Best ‘Dear Sugar’ advice columns by Wild author Cheryl Strayed. (

17.  This movie is really good. (

18.  The hottest health and beauty supplement of 2015 may surprise you. (

19.  The unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand. She is the author of “Unbroken” and “Sea Biscuit“. (

20.  A must read for men and women! Women at Work: A Guide for Men. (

Link Love

Link Love 12-26-2014

Some of my favorite links from around the web! Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Happy surfing!

1.   These little known features of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram , and LinkedIn are very useful. (

2.   Tips for having your best year ever. (

3.   Molly Sims shares her favorite beauty products. (

4.   A behind the scenes look at life as a Rockette. (

5.   Bird Bakery is my favorite bakery in San Antonio. Meet the lovely owner who shares her recipe for the famous monster cookies. (

6.   These almond joy brownies sound delicious. (

7.   A tasty kale chips recipe.  (

8.   This chocolate covered Kahlua cheesecake is perfect for a new year’s eve party. (

9.   This year’s National Geographic Photo Contest Winners. (

10.  Tips for dealing with chronic complainers. (

11.  This list of the best food neighborhoods in the U.S. is worth adding to your bucket list.  (

12.  A great story about finding contentment. (

13.  A fantastic mix tape of the best songs of the year. (

14.  How to update an overloaded iPhone. (

15.  A great L.A. travel guide.  (

16.  The amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar. (

17.  Carrie Underwood’s hair and makeup secrets. (

18.  A great book for kids. (

19.  I am looking forward to seeing this movie. (

20.  After reading UnbrokenCold play’s Chris Martin wrote this song for Louie Zamperini. It’s featured in the movie. I love it! I can’t wait to see the movie. (

What are some of your favorite links this week?


Link Love

Link Love

Some of my favorite articles and recipes for your weekend reading. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   A wonderful story about sharing experiences together instead of giving gifts wrapped in red bows. (

2.   The Pantone color of the year is marsala. (

3.   Some great advice for giving and receiving criticism. (

4.   These ten essentials are the most important things to pack. (

5.   Some tips for traveling with kids on an airplane. (

6.   This guide to proper etiquette when sending Christmas cards is helpful. (

7.   The best iPhone apps. (

8.   This Christmas pudding is one of the recipes in the new cookbook, Downton Abbey: Seasonal Celebrations, Traditions, and Recipes. (

9.    Some great ideas for holiday entertaining. (

10.  Some great advice for dealing with internet trolls. (

11.   A great travel guide to Edinburgh, Scotland. (

12.   I can’t wait to make these gluten-free Christmas macaroons from the new cookbook, Laduree Macaroon. (

13.  These salted dark chocolate brownies are perfect for a homemade gift. (

14.   I liked everything Kate Middleton wore in NYC. (

15.  This enchilada sloppy joe recipe sounds delicious. (

16.  This peanut brittle is perfect for gift giving. (

17.  Kids will love these reindeer cupcakes. (

18.  This chocolate peanut butter pie sounds delicious. (

19.  The ultimate guide to mobile food photography. (

20.  Some great tips for dealing with sugar cravings. (

Link Love

Link Love

Some of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   An inspiring film about cancer survivors conquering Kilimanjaro. (

2.   This sweet potato ice cream is a great idea for a fall dessert. (

3.   Ann Lamont shares her thoughts on grief, gratitude, and grace amid havoc. I am looking forward to reading her new book, Small Victories.  (

4.   This hot chocolate is healthy and delicious. (

5.   A great article about why disappointments don’t defeat us. (

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Link Love

Jacksonville Beach Link Love 10-24-2014

Some of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Istanbul is on my travel bucket list. This short video shows all the reasons why I want to visit Turkey. (
  2. Some helpful tips for surviving long haul travel. (darling
  3. An informative article about the Breast Cancer Gene. (
  4. A great list of 50 free educational apps for kids (
  5. This at home clay treatment can remedy many ailments including aching joints. (
  6. A very useful guide to buying a camera and a follow-up guide to buying camera equipment. (
  7. The best way to store salad greens may surprise you. (
  8. Ann Voscamp shares a powerful anthem for women. (
  9. Some useful tips to effectively manage your time. (
  10. A helpful travel tipping guide.  (

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