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Miramar Beach FloridaHere are some great links to interesting articles for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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Link Love

Cinque Terra, Italy

Some of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend!

  1. Some great tips to improve your relationships. (
  2. Some excellent tips for making your online life more secure. (
  3. The latest research on the disease affecting 1 in 8 women. (
  4. This best-selling book about Alzheimer’s is now a movie. Julianna Moore talks about the movie generating Oscar buzz for her portrayal. (
  5. The best pizza parlors in the country. (
  6. An important tool for your dental health. (
  7. I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe. (
  8. The best guide for buying vitamins and supplements. (
  9. If you feel tired all the time, you could have adrenal fatigue. (
  10. A new documentary worth viewing. (
  11. Dominique Ansel, a famous pastry chef in NYC, finally released the recipe for his famous dessert. (
  12. The famous baker that created the cronut shares a banana bread recipe from his new cookbook. (
  13. These oven baked avocado fries with harissa ranch sound delicious. (
  14. Tips for making better  Chicken Pot Pies. (
  15. I want to make these gluten-free peanut butter chocolate bars now. (
  16. This Vegan Mexican Layer Dip looks delicious. ( mouth is watering looking at Zoe Nathan’s beautiful new breakfast cookbook.  The famous pastry chef shares her Brown Rice Quinoa Pancake recipe. (
  17. These slow cooker root beer baked beans are perfect for tailgating. (
  18. A new cookbook for red velvet lover’s. (tasteandtellblog.c0m)
  19. I am enjoying new dishes from  Silvana’s Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Kitchen: Timeless Favorites Transformed. (