My Favorite Beauty Products


Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite beauty products.

1. Varis Boar Brush: The Varis Boar Brush works great on my fine hair because it does not pull out my hair when I blow dry it. The brush is ideal for all hair types due to the mixture of natural boar and nylon bristles. This brush helps smooth flyaways and speeds up drying time. For additional shine and moisture, hydroionic crystals are infused into the bristles and barrel. I use a medium brush.

large | medium | small

2. Kusshi Makeup Bag Organizers: These bags are an excellent investment. They have a zip-out interior liner that is machine washable. This is great for removing makeup stains. They are designed to work with organizers that snap in for extra protection of your products. With zippers on three sides, the makeup bags open wide so you can see all of your makeup and skincare. There are even mesh pockets for easy access to your sponges and eyelash curler, along with a zipper pocket for anything you want to keep secure. The organizers are antimicrobial, mold resistant, stain resistant and water repellant. I use the Kusshi Brush Organizer with my Kusshi Makeup Bag.

3. Milbon Blowout Primer Repair: My hairstylist, Anh Co Tran uses this line of products. I like to make a cocktail with Milbon Restorative Blowout Primer and Milbon Luminous Softening Oil. This combination works great before a blowdry by softening the hair and optimizing heat protection. I use the primer for fine hair. Available in two formulas: Fine for fine to medium hair and Coarse for coarse hair.

4. Westman Atelier Blend Brush: Gucci Westman is the makeup artist behind some Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. She launched her line of clean cosmetics in 2018. I was not planning to purchase any of Gucci’s brushes until I tried them out. They are expensive but work so well. Each brush is handmade in Kumano, Japan. The blender brush is my favorite and works great with cream, liquid, and powder products, and it picks up, deposits, and blends to perfection. I use it with Osmosis Finish Press Base or Sorme Believable Finish Powder Foundation The brushes are easy to clean and do not shed. They are a great investment piece that will last a long time with proper care.

5. Kinesiology Face Tape: I use this tape with Danna Omari’s  Face Aesthetic Taping 101 online course. Facial taping is particularly helpful for people who are beginning to show the first signs of aging. The tapes resemble the structure of the skin and, because of that, when they’re stuck onto the skin they create a lifting effect by gently lifting the epidermis upwards, which creates space under the skin. The space that has been created gives an opportunity for circulation to flow better. The uplifted area creates the space where blood and lymph will flow much more effectively, and as a result, the treated area will regenerate much quicker. The combination of unique techniques of manual face correction and face self-modeling with the help of the tapes treat  fine lines, wrinkles, and sculpting the face. Tapes are an extension of manual therapy and allow results to last longer by strengthening the muscles and retraining them and improving the function of the skin. Follow Danna on Instagram for more instructional videos. Read more about Face Taping here.

6. Living Libations Seabuckthorn All Over Lotion: I am very particular about what body lotion I use on my skin due to the chemicals and parabens in most lotions. Living Libations products are free from artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances, and petrochemicals. I apply this lotion to alleviate dry skin. It is expensive, but a little product goes a long way. Read more about the chemicals your skin does not need here.

I also use the Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Serum for facial massage and Living Libations Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel.

7. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick: My favorite Westman Atelier beauty product is the blush stick. I use Petal. I apply it with my fingers, but you could use a brush or sponge to blend it out further. The line is free of silicones, uses no parabens, no PEGs, no talc, no phthalates, and no synthetic fragrances. Their formulations meet the European Union’s rigorous standards for clean beauty.

8.   A313 Vitamin A Retinol CreamA313 Vitamin A Retinol Cream is a potent vitamin A ointment that helps with acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. It is one of the most popular beauty products in France and is very affordable. It has been called the European version of tretinoin or Retin-A. This is the most potent over-the-counter treatment I’ve found on the market. For that reason, I recommend starting slowly to give your skin time to adjust. For more information about this product, see this in-depth review here.

I also like  Osmosis Skincare Calm Gentle Retinal Serum. It is $92 and combines Retinal with calming, nourishing ingredients. The Palmitoyl Tripeptide in the formula smooths out the appearance of wrinkles. Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) offers a high concentration of nourishing omega-7. Prunus serotina (Wild Cherry) Bark Extract is known for its potent anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, so your rash, psoriasis, or eczema is soothed and detoxified. Apply a couple of pumps of this formula to clean skin in the morning and evening using a gentle massaging motion.

9. Ialuset Hyaluronic Acid CreamThe Ialuset Crème is another popular beauty product made in France. It is a white, water-based serum that plumps and hydrates the skin. It is best used in the morning to enjoy the benefits throughout the day before applying makeup or sunscreen. It contains 0.2% Hyaluronic Acid. It is not paraben free, but it is considered one of the few pure hyaluronic acid products on the market. It is a very affordable product with proven results.

10. Style Edit Root Touch-up Powder: This is my favorite root touch-up. It works so much better than the spray bottle touch-up formulations and blends well to match my base color. Style Edit is a powder that binds to the hair follicles and instantly blends unwanted grey roots or helps cover the new growth between base color appointments. All you have to do is sweep a minimal amount of powder over the roots and work outward. You re-apply as necessary, and it washes out when you shampoo your hair. They have red, light/medium/dark blonde, light/medium/dark brown, and black. These products do not use peroxide, parabens, ammonia, or permanent dyes.

11. Dr. Remedy Nail Care: I like this line of nail products because they  do not contain the ten most harmful ingredients used in most nail polish formulations. Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are board certified practicing Podiatric Surgeons based in New York who founded Dr.’s Remedy to address the needs of their patients. I use three products from this line.

Dr. Remedy Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment: This clear coat helps moisturize, strengthen, and protect my nails. Wear alone as a treatment or as a base coat under your favorite shade.

Dr.’s Remedy Therapeutic Caress Cuticle Oil: I use this formula to help with dry, cracked cuticles. It can be used to prevent fungal infections from developing on the toe nails.

Dr. Remedy Total Two-In-One Base And Top Coat Nail Polish: Dr.’s Remedy base and top coat polish combines the nail barrier of a base coat and the wear protection of a topcoat.

12. Gerda Spillman Bio-Fond Foundation: I have used this foundation for over 15 years. The Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond Foundation is available in 21 shades.

Before applying the foundation, I spray a small amount of Osmosis Mineral Hydrating Mist and pat the mist all over my face. I use my fingers to apply the foundation and touch up with a beauty blender sponge. It takes a little practice to get the technique for the application down, but it creates a flawless finish. I follow-up with Osmosis Finish Press Base or Sorme Believable Finish Powder Foundation for a flawless finish.

I also like Westman Atelier Foundation Sticks. The foundation is available in 21 shades for most skin tones, and I wear shade Atelier 1.

If you would like to sample the Gerda Spillman Bio-Fond Foundation, contact the customer service team here.

Click here to find out more of my favorite beauty products.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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Favorite Things

My Favorite Beauty Products

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite beauty products.

1.    GRANDE COSMETICS GRANDEBROW FILL: GrandeBrow FILL is a tinted brush-on gel made with fibers and peptides. The gel adheres to even the finest hairs, leaving them fuller and more defined with a single application. This helps to shape and build your brows leaving them looking natural, while filling in thinning areas. Available in Light & Dark Shades. This is my secret to filling in my brows naturally.

2.    BRAVON MAGNETIC EYE PRIMER: I have tried lots of eye primers and this one is my favorite. Sometimes I just apply the eye primer and do not wear any eyeshadow. It makes the eyes look that good. It is the secret to flawless eye makeup application that will last for hours.

Bravon Beauty was founded by Bravon Pascua. He’s also a former model and was the International Makeup Artist and Trainer for Bare Escentuals. This brand has a similar price range but has much higher-quality products. 

Bravon’s cosmetics are paraben-free and have been composed using high performance, professional grade formulations.

3.    BRAVON BEAUTY PIGMENT EYESHADOWS: The colors are beautiful and stay on all day. I work in an industry that requires makeup for very long days. I need a product that does not crease, flake or irritate my eyes.

Be sure to follow Bravon Beauty on social media for makeup tips.

4.    ESSIE GEL COUTURE POLISH: I switched to Essie Gel Couture Polish for my at home manicures. It lasts longer than regular polish and is easy to apply. My favorite color is Perfectly Poised. I apply two coats of polish followed by Essie Gel Couture Top Coat.

5.    DERMA ROLLER 0.25 MM SKIN PEN: Dermaroller is a hand-held Microneedling roller with a surface of tiny needles. It helps to reduce acne scars and large pores. The Derma Roller is a far less intrusive version of the micro-needling procedure that costs hundreds of dollars for a single treatment. My makeup looks better since I started using the Derma Roller. The Derma Roller 0.25 is for beginners.

You need to replace a Derma Roller used on the face after around ten uses to keep treatment as efficient as possible.

6.    STIMULATE HONEYCOMB BATH MITT: I use this bath mitt in the shower. It’s made of thermoplastic urethane, so it’s long lasting, antifungal, antibacterial and quick drying.

7.    VANITY GIRL HOLLYWOOD TRAVEL SIZE MAKEUP MIRROR: I use the Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirror to apply my makeup in hotel rooms. Since I work early mornings sometimes, natural light is not available so this mirror really helps. It’s about the size of a tablet with soft dimmable lighting.

I use the full size Vanity Girl Mirror at home.

8.    INVISIBOBBLE HAIR TIE: I use these hair ties instead of the ribbon ties that tend to break my hair. The Invisibobble hair ties do not crimp my hair like a regular hair tie would.

9.    DYSON HAIR DRYER: I switched to the Dyson hair dryer. I think it’s better than Harry Josh. Dyson’s new model is quieter and less damaging to the hair, thanks to its intelligent heat control system, plus it looks pretty, too. I always travel with my hairdryer. It’s not worth damaging my hair with a cheap hotel version.

10.  SHOWER CAP: Yes, this is the chicest shower cap ever.  The beautiful designs are an upgrade from the tacky, ruffled, hair protectors of days past.

11.  EXTENSIONOLOGY HAIR EXTENSIONS: This line of hair extensions look so natural. They were designed by Anh Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez of the famous Hollywood Ramirez Tran Salon. After dealing with coloring extensions to match their clients’ hair color, Anh and Johnny decided to create their own pre-colored extensions. The extensions come in two different lengths, 18 inches and 20 inches. These extensions aren’t as fine as standard extensions. Instead, they’re a mix of European and Asian hair. The extensions need to be retaped every 2-3 months. The hair itself lasts six months to a year.

12.  SHEILA STOTTS WOOD HANDLE APPLICATION BRUSH: This brush was created for people with extensions since extensions tangle so easily, but the secret is that this brush is amazing on all types of hair. Since our hair is the most delicate when it’s wet, using a brush that’s gentle on the follicles and scalp is key. This brush doesn’t pull and break the hair, and it lasts longer than the plastic versions by other brands.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

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My Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

I enjoy reading about beauty and wellness products, and I do a lot of research before I purchase a product. I also switch up beauty products seasonally. As I get older, I am challenged to find new products to help with different issues. Here’s a roundup of my favorite new beauty products. I hope you find the information helpful and maybe some new products to add to your beauty regimen. Continue reading “My Favorite Beauty Products”

Five Things: NYC

If I had to choose one layover as my all-time favorite, it would be NYC. I enjoy the food scene, shopping, and Broadway shows.

This weekend I had a long layover in Long Island. I hopped on board the Long Island Railroad. The train is a convenient way to travel to Manhattan from Long Island. The trains run once an hour, and the ride is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Central Islip to Penn Station. It costs $25 for a round trip ticket. Most hotels provide shuttle service to the train stations in Long Island. Uber is also available on Long Island.

Here are 5 things I enjoyed in NYC.

Senza Gluten

{Senza Gluten}

1.  SENZA GLUTEN: First on my agenda was an early dinner at Senza Gluten. Senza Gluten is a new 100% gluten-free restaurant in Greenwich Village. I ordered the Margherita pizza made with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil. San Marzano are the best tomatoes. It was as good as the gluten-free pizza in Italy. The restaurant has a lovely ambiance. I sat outside but took a peek inside and the interior seating has a rustic vibe. The service was excellent. The owner made a point to introduce herself to me and asked my thoughts on the meal. I recommend making a reservation due to the restaurant’s popularity. 

Continue reading “Five Things: NYC”

Monthly Beauty Secrets

Beauty Products

My monthly beauty secrets for November include my top hair styling products, my favorite lipstick, a photo finish concealer, a non-irritating make-up remover, my secret weapon to combat oily skin, a time-saving trick to keep makeup application mess free, my favorite lip balm, a great product to wake-up tired eyes, and a nail product that saves time.

Read on to discover some amazing beauty products I think you will love too!

1.  Clear Zit Masque is a magical product that put an end to my oily skin and acne. With continued daily use, my skin has improved dramatically, and my pores are much smaller. I apply the masque before bedtime. It helps reduce inflammation, infection, and promotes healing of the skin while normalizing the production of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. The product contains manuka and tea tree oils, the two most effective natural antibacterial ingredients available on the market that offer high antiseptic power. These essential oils are non-irritating and non-toxic, and effective in the treatment of acne.

2.  Kur Accelerating Drying Oil speeds up nail polish drying time. I have natural nails and do my own manicures. The process of drying nails is time-consuming. Brush this unique oil over freshly painted nails and watch them dry in less than 10 seconds. The product is a 5-free formula, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, DBP-free, formaldehyde resin-free and camphor free.

 3.  Shadow Shields keep my makeup mess free. I leave them on while applying eye makeup. When I take them off, no mess, no fallen shadow, no mascara out of place.

4.  Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray is my favorite hair styling product. The ultra-light mist tames flyways and beats frizz for a smooth, glossy finish and cuts my  drying time in half. It also nourishes hair, repairing split ends and leaving locks softer and stronger. Whether your hair is coarse and thick or fine and wispy, it will add volume and shine as you blow dry. I love how the paraben-free formula is safe for color-treated and processed locks too. Spray on damp hair, starting from the middle and working downwards. Blow dry hair section by section, spritzing on more mist as needed.

5.  Sorme Brow Lift is a thick pencil that high-lights and looks like it lifts just like Botox! For an instant ”wake-up” use it on the inside crease of your eye.

6.  Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is my secret weapon for a creating a gorgeous, flawless complexion. It can be used as a spot foundation, concealer, all-over foundation, highlighter (choose a shade lighter than your actual skin tone) or mixed with your moisturizer for a tinted moisturizer effect. It can be applied with the fingers, a brush or a sponge (wet or dry) for any desired finish. If you are using the product to hide a blemish, apply a dot the size of a pin head and using a firm brush push and dab it into the area you want to conceal. It erases the redness out of the blemish instantly making it blend with your skin. For concealing dark circles under the eyes, less is more. A little dab will cover, so don’t over do it. It’s a very rich, creamy texture so it will have a slight dewy radiance to it. If you prefer a matte finish, apply powder to matte it down. It will last about a year. SpaceNK is a great online store with a chat advisor. You can speak with them and get product and colour advice. They are very good at helping you narrow your choice by telling them about your skin and it’s colourings.

7.  Two Faced Cosmetics “Country Star” Lip Stick is the perfect peachy nude color created by Carrie Underwood’s makeup artist, Melissa Schleicher.  It’s super creamy and lasts for hours. “Country Star” is available online at Parlour 3 or Ulta.

8.  Maison Pearson Hair Brush redistributes the oil from my scalp through the shaft of my hair, making my roots less greasy and my ends more moisturized. I can go longer in between washing my hair. It also cuts down drying time and is easy to grip.  I use the travel size version. It is expensive but will last a long time if you take care of it.

9.  Lucas Papaw Ointment is an Australian product that I always keep in my makeup bag. Papaw ointment helps to repair dry or chapped lips and is often used as a long-lasting, natural lip balm. Apply a little on particularly windy days to prevent your lips from getting chapped. I use it on my lips at bedtime. This multi-tasking salve also works as a local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and rashes.

10.  Bioderma is a French product used by makeup artists and models. I use it to clean my skin in the mornings and remove my makeup before bedtime. It doesn’t require rinsing off, it doesn’t make skin raw or sensitive, it doesn’t dry out the skin or leave it tight, and it’s in a clear, flip-top bottle that just needs a quick squeeze to dispense the right amount onto a cotton ball. Liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara take a little longer to remove, and usually another cotton pad is needed to fully remove everything.

What beauty products are you loving right now?