My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things August

My latest edition of things I love include food, products and entertainment I am enjoying. I hope you find some inspiration for your gift giving and some new things to enjoy!

1.    MEOW MEOW TWEET: This small-batch skin care company makes everything in Brooklyn using only organic ingredients, like raw plant oils and cold-pressed essential oils, and all of their products are preservative-free, vegan, and certified cruelty-free. I like the deodorant and lip balm. A great gift idea for cat lovers too.

2.    ISABELLA JEWELRY CASE:  This fabulous jewelry case is perfect for any girl on the go! These luxurious leather jewelry cases feature a secure zippered closure perfect for traveling. The lid features a ring strap as well as an earring strap that holds up to six pairs of earrings. The main body features one attached and one removable storage pouch with zippered compartments perfect for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. A bottom section opens to reveal six necklace organizer loops with snap closures, with a microfiber-lined overlay to keep them protected and untangled. Choose from 4 beautiful leather colors as well as your font color and personalization.

3.    CRIMINAL PODCAST: I found this podcast to relieve my Serial podcast withdrawals. Each episode explores everything from famous murder cases (including the murder featured in The Staircase) to little-known true crimes (a Venus Flytrap theft ring). Find out more of my favorite podcasts here.

4.    ALICE BOW INSOLES: Ever wonder how the Duchess of Cambridge endures standing in high heels for hours on end? Duchess Kate wears Alice Bow Insoles. Each insole is designed to cushion the ball of the foot, and boasts high-quality padding wrapped in premium Italian leather. There are stickies on the back of each insole to hold it in place, if needed, plus, they’re shaped to be worn with open-toed shoes as well.

5.    CEREAL MAGAZINES NEW YORK GUIDEBOOK: I enjoy reading Cereal Magazine. This new guidebook for New York City is a stunning publication highlighting the finest restaurants, galleries, and shops in New York City.

6.    PERISCOPE: My favorite new app! Connect to anyone who is live streaming anywhere around the world. It is a great app to watch live concerts, breaking news, seminars and more. Check out this guide to Perioscope here.

7.    HIGHER NATURE’S HIGH STABILITY ACTIVE SILVER: This is the one product I always keep in my carry-on bag. I spray colloidal silver around my seat when I travel to fight bacteria. I also spray it in my hotel room. In low doses, silver is nontoxic and is considered an environmentally friendly antimicrobial. In fact, colloidal silver was used as a bactericide by hospitals for years before the prevalence of antibiotics. Read more about the many uses of colloidal silver here.

8.    36 HOURS TRAVEL SHOW: I love reading The New York Times 36 Hours travel column and so happy that the Travel Channel and The New York Times are bringing the hit Times travel column 36 Hours to television. In each 1-hour episode of 36 Hours, co-hosts Kristen Kish and Kyle Martino arrive in a new city, where they’ll have 36 hours to explore the most delicious foods and hot spots, meet fascinating local insiders and experience the best attractions unique to each destination.

9.    GOAT MILK CARAMELS: These caramels are made on a farm in Vermont. The award-winning goat milk caramels are made with fresh, raw, creamy goat’s milk producing the softest and smoothest caramel that will melt in your mouth and not stick to your teeth. I like to give them as a hostess gift.

10.  JOIE LOREN FRINGE SUEDE BOOTIE: Add a Southwestern feel to your look with these booties in suede. I love these 70s inspired booties paired with feminine skirts or denim for fall and winter.

11.  BULLETPROOF COLLAGEN PROTEIN BARS: I visited the flagship Bulletproof store in Santa Monica recently and picked up some of their new protein bars. The vanilla ones are my favorite. They taste like cookies. They are full of healthy fats and collagen protein (read more about collagen here), and very low in sugar (2 grams). Not only do these bars taste great, I can read every ingredient which includes: organic cashew butter, Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein, chicory root fiber, Bulletproof XCT Oil, organic cashews, Bulletproof Brain Octane, organic coconut oil, Bulletproof VanillaMax (lab-tested Madagascar vanilla beans), sea salt, stevia. The bars contain 12g protein. I always travel with protein bars in my carry-on bag.

12.  NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS: This pair of casual, comfortable kicks are the perfect shoe for exploring a new city or for casual outings like going to the farmer’s market. They feel a little retro without looking like the traditional New Balance sneakers. I wear Alice Bow Flat Insoles in mine for added comfort.


What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. Oh, I loved Kristen on Top Chef but didn’t know about this new show – will definitely check it out! And I have the New Balances in a tan/coral combo and just love them.

  2. how have I never been to your blog before?! it looks so fun and energetic! I love it!! also, I neeeeed to try out that lip balm. my lips need something healthy!! can’t wait to start reading more! xoxo

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