My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

My latest edition of things I love includes food, products, and entertainment I am enjoying. I hope you find some inspiration for your gift giving and some new things to enjoy! Read on to find out some of my favorite things!

1.     NAILMATIC NAIL POLISH: My signature nail polish is a milky white pink. I switched from wearing Essie Ballet Slippers and Essie Figi to Nailmatic Joy. The polish is made in France of impeccable quality. It does not contain phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde. With its 61 different colors, Nailmatic offers a beautiful assortment of nail polish that is easy to apply with its extra large brush for at home manicures. ABC Carpet & Home in New York carries the line. Online ordering is available at L’ Exception.

2.    LIVING ROYAL SOCKS: I am crazy about Living Royal Socks. The designs include crazy prints from donuts to french fries. You can wear your absolute favorite things on your feet!

3.    WELCOME TO CAM COUNTRY: I can’t stop listening to the four song EP by new artist Cam. If you love country music, check her out on Spotify and iTunes. The full-length project will be released soon

4.    YOU GOT A FRIEND MUSCLE TEE: The perfect gift for your bestie. A portion of the sales from the You Got a Friend Muscle Tee benefit Girls Inc., a group dedicated to empowering young women to succeed. Check out some of the other cool designs including Beach Please and Blonde vs. Brunette.

5.    KIND CAKES CUPCAKES: Rich in flavor and spirit, each Kind Cake comes with a message on the bottom encouraging you to be nice to others. Whether it’s gooey chocolate with TELL SOMEONE THEY ARE LOVED or tasty vanilla with WRITE A HANDWRITTEN THANK-YOU NOTE, Kindness Cupcakes are the perfect treat. The flagship store is located in Nashville and offers nationwide shipping.

6.    HERB LESTER TRAVEL GUIDES: I always travel with maps. I love the collection of Herb Lester travel guides. Each guide includes the most interesting things to do in your favorite city.

7.    DAVID LERNER CLASSIC LEGGINGS: These leggings are the best leggings that I’ve ever worn. They look seamless on and fit my legs perfectly. I pair mine with a long sweater or blouse and boots. I wear them on long flights when I travel for leisure.

8.    GHEE: Ghee, also known as clarified butter, has become my new favorite cooking oil. It can withstand high temperatures without oxidizing or smoking and lends a nice buttery, nutty flavor. Many who are lactose intolerant can handle ghee because it’s purely the butter oil. Also, if you buy the organic, pastured butter, it contains many nutrients (higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid). It’s great for sautéing at high heats, roasting, pan frying, etc. It can be used for baking as well. I made several recipes using Ghee recently in a baking class.

9.    AN AMERICAN IN PARIS: I love going to Broadway shows. I fell in love with An American in Paris. It’s one show that I would see again. It’s that good. The costumes, set design, and choreography are fantastic. The play is a romantic story of a young American soldier and a beautiful French girl in Paris.

10.  LE LABO FRAGRANCES: Le Labo has some of the best scents in the market. The flagship store is located in SoHo (233 Elizabeth Street) and works as an upscale fragrance lab, where you can buy made-to-order massage oils, home sprays, lotions and even dish detergents. The scented candles are my favorite products, and the perfumes are the most popular item. My favorite fragrance is Le Labo Another 13. It has a distinct scent that isn’t overpowering. You’ll have everyone asking what scent you are wearing. Other store locations include London, Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Online ordering is available.

11.  THE VITAMIX COOKBOOK 250 DELICIOUS WHOLE FOOD RECIPES TO MAKE IN YOUR BLENDER: It’s no secret, I love my Vitamix. The Vitamix Cookbook is the company’s first retail cookbook tied to its product (previous recipe collections have been booklets included with the purchase of a blender), which was launched in 1921. This cookbook goes way beyond smoothies and illustrates the amazing versatility of the Vitamix. Some standout recipes include Falafel, Quinoa Black Bean Burgers, and Banana Freeze. There are lots of others I can’t wait to try!

12.  SRIRACHUP: I love ketchup, and Sriracha is my favorite. Srirachup begins as a 9-ounce jar filled with about 2 pounds of freshly picked, organic California tomatoes. It then balances the tomatoes’ natural sweetness with the fire of organic chili peppers, plus complementary ingredients that include organic apple cider vinegar, organic brown sugar, sea salt, and organic garlic. The result is the best-tasting ketchup ever.

And I’d love to know what are you loving lately?

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  1. I love seeing Broadway shows too – and it’s been too long! Definitely going to check out the leggings, and we’ve got a Vitamix on our home wishlist… this cook book sounds great (I was sold at “falafel”!)

    1. Costco sells Vitamix for a good price. QVC usually has a sale on Black Friday. Williams Sonoma usually offers a good deal on Black Friday. I got my leggings on sale at Opensky.

    1. Rush tickets are available for $35 cash on the day of performance when the box office opens.I prefer to try to get the Rush tickets instead of standing in the long line at the TKTS booth or I’ll use the Today Tix app if Rush tickets are not offered.

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