My Favorite Things November

My Favorite Things November

My November edition of my favorite things includes food, products, and entertainment I am enjoying. I hope you find some inspiration for your gift giving and some new things to enjoy! Read on to find out some of my favorite things!

1.    FUZZY POM KEYCHAIN: I love the pom pom trend, and this key chain is so chic. I added mine to the outside of my tote bag to easily find it when traveling.

2.    COMMON PROJECTS: These shoes are on my wish list. Pink is my favorite color and Common Projects’ shoes are super comfy and stylish.

3.    T-SHIRT DELI CUSTOM T-SHIRT DESIGNS: I love personalized gifts! One of my favorite shops in Chicago is the T-shirt Deli in the hip Bucktown neighborhood. This “deli” serves made-to-order T-shirts from the store’s white deli cases. Choose from a variety of styles and colors of top-quality T-shirts. Next, personalize your tee with lettering, pop-culture icons, decals or photos. Within minutes, your order is complete and wrapped in butcher’s paper, served with a side of Jay’s potato chips. The T-shirt Deli’s menu also includes dog shirts, aprons, hooded sweatshirts, onesies and tote bags ready to be customized with your favorite slogans. If you are planning a bachelorette party, girl’s weekend, birthday party, family reunion or a family vacation, personalized T-shirts are fun to wear. If you can’t make it to Chicago, you can order your customizable designs online.

4.    REED CLARKE CASHMERE SCARF TRAVEL BLANKET: When I travel, I never fly without a travel blanket. It keeps me from freezing on a plane. I love the design of this one, and you can never go wrong with cashmere. They come in their own envelope that you can fold the blanket back into when you are done using it. The envelope also doubles as a cover for a travel-size pillow. I love that I can also wear it as a scarf or shawl on my trips.

5.    SUNPOTION ASTRAGALUS: I started using some of Sunpotion’s amazing products this year. I am taking Astragalus in the winter months to protect my skin during the chilly winter days. It also helps to strengthen my immune system and help with allergies. Astragalus is known as the most potent Qi tonic in the world. I mix 2 grams in warm water or tea. Read more about the Anti-aging benefits in this case study and nutrition review. Read the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Astragalus overview. This intro to Astragalus from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is very informative.

6.    CHRIS STAPLETON: I listen to a variety of music. I am currently enjoying tunes from the incredibly talented Chris Stapleton. P.S. Adele is a fan too!

7.    SOHO TOTE: I finally found the perfect tote bag for travel. It’s the ultimate tote for women with pockets to keep things organized, enough space a change of clothes, camera, laptop and a chic, minimal design in my favorite color, pink. Other colors are available.

8.    THE 52 LIST PROJECT: I’m a huge fan of journaling and enjoying this weekly listing journal by Moorea Seal. It’s divided into seasons and then weeks. Each week you are asked to list something. For example, “List Your Favorite Things About Fall.” And at the bottom of the page there is a “take action” suggestion. It starts in the winter season, so it’s a perfect gift. There’s also space to make your own lists. Read more about the 52 Lists Project here.

9.    KINDAWESOME: Kindawesome is all about celebrating another person’s kindness. If you spot someone doing a kind act, you can send that person a “kindawesome” card by visiting They in turn can redeem that card for a KIND snack and another card to pass along. Then that card is passed from person to person to person. I like that the program helps to bring a community together through kind acts. Check out the website to start spotting and celebrating kindness and watch the video below for more details!

10.  WHERE CHEF’S EAT: The 2015 edition of “Where Chefs Eat” is the ultimate restaurant guide written by the real experts. Over 600 of the world’s best chefs contributed to the book with over 3000 restaurants in 70 different cities. It includes detailed city maps, reviews, reservation policies, and other key information.

11.  TRACY ANDERSON LIVE STREAMING: Since I travel so much for work, it is not possible for me to join a gym. I also find it challenging to work out on the road. Now I can stream workouts from Tracy Anderson studio in my hotel room or my home. I tried so many workouts over the years and nothing compared to the Tracy Anderson method.

12.  BARE BONES BONE BROTH: I started drinking bone broth this year. I do not always have time to prepare bone broth at home since it takes over 24 hours to cook in a slow cooker.  I found a company that delivers fresh bone broth nationwide without the MSG, GMO, chemical-laden “broths” you can find at the store. This company started as a husband and wife team making bone broth from scratch in their home, using traditional methods and giving or selling to friends and family. They make their broth fresh weekly in small batches from grass-fed, pastured animals and organic produce. Bone Broth has so many good nutritional benefits. One of these nutrients is collagen, which is known to aid in healthy digestion by attracting your digestive juices to food so they can help break it down more quickly and efficiently. Studies also show that collagen can help with digestive issues such as celiac disease and leaky gut. Collagen manifests itself as gelatin in bone broth. Allison Siebecker recognizes and lists 76 possible benefits from consuming bone broth, “Traditional Bone Broth in Modern Health and Disease.” 

And I would love to know what are you loving lately? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Love this! Great images! I am really in love with pairing scents right now. I have a lavendar and teakwood candle mix going on.

  2. That tote looks awesome. And I always wish I were better about journaling – but I love lists, so I think that book would be perfect at getting me into the habit!

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