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The latest installment of my favorite things includes products for health, wellness, travel, and fashion.

MiiR Mugs: I think MiiR makes the best-insulated coffee mugs. I like their line of Camp Cups because they come with a lid, but I also have their Flip Traveler for long walks and car rides. It’s not as heavy as my Yeti mug. The best part: it doesn’t leak! I also get many compliments about the design from baristas and other coffee snobs like me. So join the cool kids club, and get yourself a MiiR Mug!

Port and Polish Pill and Vitamin Travel Cases: I ordered a couple of these cases for travel. This one works perfectly, and it’s pretty. So many of the pillboxes don’t stay closed. Other colors are available.

Arena Strength Resistance Booty Bands: The booty bands come in a set of three, each labeled light, medium, or strong, with a different color representing each resistance level. Other colors are available. The bands do not slip on bare legs or over leggings.

Generation Love Kristen Tweed Jacket: A perfectly tailored blazer can make any outfit look instantly polished and pulled togetherGeneration Love blazers are not as expensive as some of my other favorite brands, like L’Agence and Veronica Beard.

I like to wear the Olivia Ribbed Tank from Nati with blazers. I usually buy designer items at consignment shops, eBay, and Poshmark.

Personalized Leather ID Lanyard: The chic way to keep my work IDs near at all times. Slots for credit cards make this the perfect item for travel. Boulevard offers free personalization. Yep, proud Southerner over here, and I love to monogram everything.

Hat Holder: You clip it on the side of your bag/suitcase so you can travel without crushing your hat.

Tecovas Annie Cowboy Boots: OK, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t going to order any cowboy boots, but watching Beth Dutton on Yellowstone was enough to convince me otherwise. I settled on Tecovas boots. They have been comfortable since I first slipped them on, and I have wide feet and thick calves, so sometimes boots are hit or miss. You can try them on at one of the Tecovas brick-and-mortar stores.

ŌURAura Ring: ŌURA is an award-winning wellness ring and app, designed to help you get more restful sleep and perform better. The ŌURA smart ring is a fitness tracker you wear on a finger. Learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to take on the day.I discovered the ŌURA ring listening to podcasts like this interview with Dr. Peter Attia and sleep expert Matthew Walker. I decided to try the Oura ring since I do not enjoy wearing the Apple watch 24/7 and wanted more data about my sleep and health, including body temperature monitoring. ŌURA offers a 30 day return policy. The third-generation ŌURA adds SpO2 blood oxygenation readings. When you order an Oura ring, Oura will ship you a ring sizing kit so you can pick the exact size you want and decide which finger to wear it on. You only have to charge the ring once or twice a week! If you are looking to improve your sleep habits and overall health and fitness, this is a great tool. Use this link for $50 off your order

Apple Air Tag Key RingApple Air Tags are a super-easy way to keep track of your stuff. These key rings hold the air tag. I also ordered several of these designs for all of my travel bags.

Thermapen ONE: The Thermoworks Thermapen ONE is hands-down the best meat thermometer money can buy, and it comes in a bunch of cool colors. Thermapen also makes a more miniature, pocket-size thermometer called the Thermoworks Thermopop, which is nearly as good as the Thermapen in almost every way and costs just $21.

EquiLife Daily Nutritional Support: This is my favorite nutrition shake that tastes great. Dr. Stephen Cabral developed this daily nutrition shakeIt is a vegan, protein powder fortified with a wide range of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detox co-factors, and electrolytes. Travel-size packets are also sold. I use a small Nutrabullet to blend my shakes on the road.

Davids Nano Hydroxyapatite Natural Toothpaste: Hydroxyapatite toothpaste is one of the best options for your oral hygiene routine. A toothpaste containing hydroxyapatite crystals can help restore the minerals that build strong enamel. Hydroxyapatite is the structure that makes up 97% of your enamel and 70% of your dentin. It’s used as an alternative to replacing fluoride in toothpaste. Hydroxyapatite is a non-toxic ingredient that is safe even when swallowed. It performs as well as fluoride in scientific research. Hydroxyapatite remineralizes teeth that would otherwise become cavities.

My favorite brand is Davids Nano Hydroxyapatite Natural ToothpasteRisewell and Boka are also good brands.

P.S. What are some of your favorite things?

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