My Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

I enjoy reading about beauty and wellness products, and I do a lot of research before I purchase a product. I also switch up beauty products seasonally. As I get older, I am challenged to find new products to help with different issues. Here’s a roundup of my favorite new beauty products. I hope you find the information helpful and maybe some new products to add to your beauty regimen.

1.    Olaplex: This is the best conditioner for blonde people. It’s a hard-core three-step treatment that repairs damaged color treated hair.

2.    Bravon Eraser Tinted Diffusion Powder: Airbrushing in a jar! Makes my skin look flawless.

3.    Osmosis Brow Gel: Looks like a natural brow without a pencil line. I like to fill in my brows first using an eyebrow pencil. I use this one from Mary Kay. It’s the best! Then I use the Osmosis brow gel over my brows using a brow brush. It creates a very natural brow.

4.    The Beauty Chef’s Body Inner Beauty Powder: I switched to this protein powder created by Carly Oates, The Beauty Chef. Carly’s products are nothing short of amazing. There is no other powder in the world quite like the BODY Inner Beauty Powder. It is a protein powder, a greens powder, super food powder and prebiotic and probiotic rolled into one. I use a scoop of the vanilla powder in my smoothies. It helps to suppress my appetite and curb sugar cravings.  Find out more about the amazing products from The Beauty Chef here.

5.     Crystalline Intimidate: This is one powerful acne product that delivers on its promises. It successfully cleared up some milia on my face. I use it occasionally to prevent the spread and future growth of milia. I also use it to clear up cystic acne.

6.    Martini Collagen Masks: Each mask is uniquely formulated to bring a whole new approach to skin care treatments. The ingredients are very potent, and the results are extremely effective. They are each highly individualized in their application. Each mask has its own characteristics that are conducive to specific skin types and conditions.

7.    Victoria De Ann Eye Serum: I decided to try Victoria De Ann eye serum after reading so many positive reviews. I am already seeing results in a short amount of time. I use it every morning and evening. This Serum’s UET-3 peptide complex penetrates quickly and helps to brighten and firm the delicate skin of the eye area. The signs of aging (stress, puffiness, and dark circles) are reduced to improve the appearance of the skin. After Cleansing start from the outside of the under eye and gently pat the serum onto the delicate skin moving inward and avoiding contact with the eye. It is recommended to use it regularly for three months for the results to start working. I prefer a natural treatment than using Botox, which does not always look natural. I am happy with the results of this product. Again, you must use it twice daily for three months to see the best results.

8.    Henné Organics Luxury Organic Lip Balm: I started using this lip balm on the plane to moisturize my lips and cuticles. Its smooth, velvety touch comes from the most moisturizing ingredients available: Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Also used in this mix are Beeswax and Jojoba Oil, which have excellent antibacterial properties and help to maintain moisture in the skin. This Lip Balm doesn’t have to be restricted to the lips; it is also effective on cuticles, elbows, or any other dry areas. It’s a must-have travel essential!

9.    Serge Lutens Makeup Base Quant-a-soi: I am in love with this product! It’s expensive, but you only need a small amount. It helps to hold foundation on longer. It will even out skin tone and cover dark spots, add a flawless finish (cheekbones) deflect the look of fine lines (under eyes and around lips) and refine pores (around edges of nose and chin). It blends in easily, quickly and beautifully. It is particularly gorgeous if you apply it with a Beauty Blender sponge.

10.  Holistic Science Company Cooling Muscle Spray: I discovered Health Science on a recent layover in San Diego, California. I needed something to relieve muscle soreness that would not stain my clothes. I really love this muscle spray! It is formulated with organic Arnica extract and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) to provide maximum relief of muscle aches, joint pain, arthritis, cramps, bruising and swelling. Natural Menthol, Camphor, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and pure essential oils produce an intense and lasting cooling sensation to counteract pain and improve circulation. Arnica helps the healing of bruises and sprains while MSM helps to reduce inflammation and detoxify the muscles for faster recovery. Contains added Magnesium to loosen tight muscles, prevent cramping and reduce the build-up of lactic acid. The products can be ordered online.

11.  Erno Laszlo Multi-Phase Makeup Remover: This is my favorite eye makeup remover. It’s gentle, effective, wipes off waterproof liner and black mascara in a few swipes, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Many makeup artists use it to correct makeup mess-ups with a Q-tip. Before using, shake up the bottle to mix up the solution.

12.  Dr. Tung’s Rejuv: I use several products from Dr. Tung’s products. The Rejuv is the best product for healing and strengthening the gums. It works for a whole range of oral conditions from receding gums, oral pain, swollen gums, swelling of gums and bleeding gums, to dry mouth.

What are some of your favorite beauty products? Tell me in the comments!

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