My Favorite Beauty Products

My Favorite Beauty Products

Take a peak inside my makeup bag and find out some of my favorite beauty products.

1.    R + CO DEATH VALLEY DRY SHAMPOO: This is the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It smells delicious, soaks up unwanted oil build-up, and adds volume to the roots.

2.    REAL WATER: This is my favorite brand of water. I keep a few bottles on hand for my trips since some hotels do not provide water, or it is very expensive. I order Real Water by the case to save money.

Real Water is a premium, drinking water with 8.0 pH that utilizes the proprietary E2 Technology, making it the only drinking water on the market that can maintain a stable negative (-) ionization. Since Real Water is alkaline with an 8.0 pH and negative ionized, it can help your body to restore balance, and reach your full potential!

Key Benefits of Real Water:

  • Stabilized negative ions
  • Promotes a balanced pH
  • Detoxify
  • Hydrate

3.    SOAPWALLA DEODORANT CREAM: Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream is aluminum-free, powerful, and effective. It contains superfine vegetable powders and clays, as well as lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience.  The frosting-like consistency allows for easy manual application and rapid absorption.  It is ideal for all skin types. Remember it is a deodorant so this won’t stop you from sweating but works by preventing the odour causing bacteria under your arms from developing.

4.    TOM FORD CHERRY LUSH:  This is the best red lipstick! It looks great on all skin tones. I wear Tom Ford Cherry Lush with my navy flight attendant dress and red, white, and blue scarf.  You don’t need a lip liner or lip brush to apply it. On top of that, it is long-lasting, moisturizing, and it fades incredibly evenly.

5.    EGYPTIAN MAGIC HAND CREAM: This is my secret for preventing dry skin at 42,000 feet. I use it on my hands for dry skin and cracked cuticles, elbows and everything in between. It is seriously a miracle worker for dry skin. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens. This is one of my top beauty picks!

6.    DR. TUNG’S FLOSS: Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss is shown to remove up to 40% more plaque than other brands of floss. This stretchy floss removes bacteria and sticky plaque off of your teeth. You will love this floss!

7.    GLAM GLOW FLASHMUD BRIGHTENING TREATMENT: I am a fan of all of the Glam Glow masks. Flashmud is the newest addition to the product line. It is jam-packed with potent ingredients like white birch leaf, white wild rose flower, lactic acid derived from sugarcane, and white peony root among many other glow-inducing actives, which give an immediate luminous effect as soon as you wash the mask off.

Rather than applying the product a few times a week, apply Flashmud three days in a row to start, then dialing it down to two to three times a week depending on your needs. The product also boasts an innovative compound called Flashlucent, which was developed by the brand and dramatically improves the translucency of your complexion with each use.

The mud itself has tiny exfoliating granules blended into the formula, which act as a pre-mask scrub. You can literally work the mud in circular motions on your face to open your pores and allow more ingredients to be absorbed, then allow your complexion to soak in its magic for 10 minutes.

8.    EARTH TU FACE SKIN STICK: This is my favorite lip balm. It operates like a push-pop, smells great, tastes clean on the mouth and is smoothing not too shiny. It is also free of parabens and other toxic ingredients.

9.    SMILE’S PRID HOMEOPATHIC DRAWING SALVE: This homeopathic paste is meant for drawing out splinters, but the added benefit is that it also draws out ingrown hairs.  You scoop a bit out, cover an ingrown hair, go to bed and when you wake up the ingrown hair is no longer ingrown.  Amazing.  And if you have kids who get splinters, this works like magic.  This is one of those products you don’t know you need until you need it, so it’s a great one to have tucked away in the medicine cabinet. I also use it on pimples.

10.  TOM FORD CHEEK BRUSH: This is the best brush to apply blush. Everything about it is wonderfully luxurious, from the weight of the brush in my hand to the full head of ultra-soft goat hair that has the perfect bounce. It’s a power tool, for sure, that only needs a quick touch of the blush’s surface to collect the right amount of product and then apply and blend it beautifully.

11.  SUN POTION HE SHOU WU: I recently discovered Sun Potion. Sun Potion brings the highest quality tonic herbs, algae, greens, and mushrooms available to all in single-ingredient, pure powder, and whole food form.  One of my favorite products is He Shou Wu, which has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty and rejuvenation food.

 Regular consumption of this herb may do the following:
  • tonify and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, and may help reduce cholesterol
  • a tonic for the endocrine glands
  • may help improve stamina
  • good for resistance to cold
  • promotes red blood cells
  • enhances immune function
  • increases antioxidant activity

Read more about Sun Potion here.

12.  MRS. WHITE’S UNSTUNG HERO MOSQUITO SPRAY: Mrs. White’s is the best non-toxic bug spray. Unlike most insect sprays on the market that contain toxic chemicals, smell bad, and leave a sticky residue, this all-natural formula combines a lemon tea scent and an amino acid that smells good and keeps the bloodsuckers away. The spray does not leave an oily residue either!

Question of the Day:

What beauty products are you loving lately?

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