Link Love: What I’m Reading This Week

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Here are a few fun links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    10 true-crime tales to tide you over until the ‘Making a Murderer’ book comes out.

2.    The new rules of dating and breaking up.

3.    How asking 5 questions allowed this dad to eat dinner with his kids.

4.    How to go to Cuba right now.

5.    How to get the perfect nut milk.

6.    13 whole food juice recipes.

7.    Cutting the costs on children’s clothing.

8.    The world’s best banana pie.

9.    Former bachelor and bachelorette contestants tell all.

10.  Why it’s so important to have social goals late in life.

11.  Piña colada cupcakes.

12.  Tech tips for traveling with kids.

13.  Why dehydration is making you sick and fat.

14.  Natural treatments for endometriosis.

15.  What’s your archetype?

16.  Hotels should create women only floors.

17.  Tips for taking amazing photos.

18.  A worthwhile read about what drives curiosity.

19.  Why receiving compliments can feel like a high price to pay.

20.  Emily explores one of my favorite neighborhoods in Richmond, Virginia.

21.  Jennifer Garner stars in the new movie, “Miracles From Heaven,” based on the 2015 book about the true story of a young girl suffering from a rare, incurable disease. Her mom, played by Garner, searches relentlessly for a solution.

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