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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

1.    A list of over 200 books to read this summer.

2.    How Facebook made your birthday a business.

3.    Mario Batali’s culinary guide to New York City.

4.    How to mean it when you say ‘How Are You?’

5.    A guide to drama in the workplace.

6.    Where to get ice cream in Rome, Paris, and New York.

7.    The new rules of travel.

8.    What to wear on a flight.

9.    What data breaches do to credit card numbers and passwords.

10.  How safe is a full body TSA scanner?

11.  Pay it forward this summer.

12.  If you want well-groomed eyebrows and find daily penciling a pain, consider a growing trend: professionally dyed arches.

13.  The secret to assembling Ikea furniture without losing your sanity.

14.  What makes rejection so awful?

15.  A collection of ice cream recipes to keep you cool.

16.  Why talking with your hands makes you learn things faster.

17.  iPad tips and tricks for parents.

18.  Entertaining tips and a few fun secrets from event planner to the stars, Colin Cowe.

19.   See Jason Bourne.

20.  This anti-cancer salad is excellent for anyone who is chronically ill and on a healing journey.

21.  How Drybar’s founder turned blowouts into a $100 million dollar business.

22.  The ultimate guide to Mexico City.

23.  A look at flight attendant uniforms throughout history.

24.  Great advice on how to break up.

25.  Blender drink recipes for hot days.

26.  The making of the most authentic villain on The Bachelorette.

27.  What estrogen does in your 40s and how progesterone can help.

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Share what you read, watched, heard, or did that made you think twice in the comments.


New Books to Read This Summer

Link Love: How to Pack a Carry-on Bag & Avoid Checking It + What is going on in Turkey? + Why You May Want to Tape the Camera on Your Computer + Tate’s Famous Cookie Recipe + Why Jet Lag Can Make You Feel Worse When You Travel West to East + Vitamins and Supplements for Inflammation, Joints + More!

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