Link Love: What I’m Reading This Week

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Here are a few fun links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S.  I made reading the links easier with a Readlist. It’s a great tool that will let you get the best Internet stories in one place bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. Click here to download.

1.    The art of unfriending or unfollowing people. (

3.    What not to say to single women. (

4.    Christina Tosi’s nachos are out of this world. (

5.    How to survive a global disaster. (

6.    The AMC Best Picture Showcase is February 20. (

7.    How music affects our behavior at home. (

8.    This baked jalapeño pimento cheese dip is the perfect party appetizer. (

9.    Should I tip my Uber of Lyft driver? Uber has reduced their fares so find out if you should start tipping your driver. (

10.  Is it healthy or just weird to eat your placenta? (

11.  What’s really behind why women earn less than men? (

12.  How long do you wait to text back? (

13.  Easing aches and pains mid-flight. (

14.  How easily distracted are you? (

15.  What keeps couples happy long term. (

16.  To overcome the fear of failure, fear this instead. Ultimately, what we regret is not failure, but the failure to act.(

17.  How Boko Haram transformed into a relentless terrorist army that Nigeria cannot defeat. (

18.  For those who do not comment on blogs . (

19.  What happened after we got the diagnosis. (

20.  Are you being shamed for being single? (

21.  New research has uncovered a method for preventing jet lag and you can literally do it in your sleep. (

22.  The best-selling cookbooks of 2015. (

23.  5 reasons to get started with Snapchat. (

24.  The man who would tame cancer. (

25.    Alice Medrick’s simple one-bowl vanilla cake is easy and delicious. (


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