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link love

Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    50 Ways to Do Good.

2.    Sometimes it’s good to brag. Sometimes it’s better to be humble. A primer on how to brag well.

3.    Why being an In N Out manager is better than being a lawyer.

4.    How just eight flavors have defined American cuisine.

5.    How to cope with loneliness.

6.    The lost art of letter writing.

7.    A dream day of New Orleans eating.

8.    A great site for finding cheap international airline deals.

9.    Every way you can blow dry your hair.

10.  Can exes be friends?

11.  Why not wanting kids is entirely normal.

12.  The best movies of 2016.

13.  Tips for traveling with kids.

14.  How to sleep.

15.  How to survive a party or social gathering as an introvert.

16.  This caramel rum banana bread is perfect for a food gift.

17.  You might want to reconsider your standing bikini wax appointment. People who groom their hair down there might be at greater risk of contracting infections.

18.  Esquire Magazine rounded up their list of the 25 best podcasts of 2016.

19.  A love hate relationship with The Gilmore Girls.

20.  Brush up on your dinner party etiquette. So many good tips!

21.  The best places to travel in 2017.

22.  Three soups that fight cold and flu.

23.  Perfect your answer to that “Why are you still single?” question.

What is your favorite movie of 2016? My top picks include Sully and Hacksaw Ridge.

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