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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

1.    How should you manage your money?

2.    The secrets of The Great British Bakeoff’s success.

3.    Easy no-bake cookies.

4.    Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go.

5.    Which yeast to use?

6.    11 ways to simplify your financial life.

7.    What great listeners do.

8.    How to pack a carry-on bag to avoid checking it.

9.    Mark Zuckerberg tapes his camera and audio jack with pieces of tape.

10.  Everyday habits that are messing with your skin.

11.  Where to go for donuts in New York City.

12.  Is there a connection between your period and the moon?

13.  Do you know how to apologize correctly?

14.  Salts and why the type and brand you use matters.

15.  What nutritionist think is healthy vs. what regular people do.

16.  What research says about which decisions we regret the most.

17.  Giving a memorable job interview is a lot like dating.

18.  Why jet lag can make you feel worse when you travel west to east.

19.  Why does time seem to speed up with age?

20.  Vitamins and supplements perfect for inflammation, joints, and overall health.

21.  What is going on in Turkey?

22.  Tate’s chocolate chip cookie recipe.

23.  Homemade pizza recipes.

24.  The most amazing AirBNB rentals in each state.

25.  Travel apps to download now.

26.  Ivanka’s chic style.


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