Link Love: What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening To This Week

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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    20 things we’d better tell our sons now about being real men.

2.     The Bachelorette happened to me.

3.    7 travel apps for making your summer plans.

4.    How to stop men, magazines, and the media from getting to decide if you’re beautiful.

5.    What we learn by studying amazing kids.

6.    I want to make this Tomatillo Avocado Salsa.

7.    10 summer beauty dilemmas solved.

8.    A father takes his daughter to see Hamilton.

9.    Every new movie and TV show on Netflix this month.

10.  Lisa Goldberg perfectly captures the anxiety, unexpected triumphs, and serendipitous joys of solo travel.

11.  How to live out of a suitcase with style.

12.  Some really great advice not just for grads.

13.  The girl who ran away to fight ISIS.

14.  Why are more women than men on Instagram?

15.  The case for writing down the choices that would compromise your values.

16.  What is like to grow up in the age of likes, LOL’s, and longing.

17.  Anthony Bourdain thinks your crazy for eating airplane food.

18.  A guide to using Google’s more advanced search tools.

19.  The benefits of GHEE.

20.  How to read more blogs.

21.  Which is better: The Empire State Building or Top of the Rock?

22.  How recipes can keep your memories alive.

23.  The Tony Awards are live Sunday, June 12 on CBS.

BLOG I’M LOVING: Look Linger Love

FOLLOW ON SNAPCHAT: Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum

READOn My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life by Amy Purdy

WATCH: Julian Fellowes has a new series on Amazon: Doctor Thorne

What’s it about?

Doctor Thorne lives a seemingly comfortable, quiet life with his niece Mary in Greshambury, home to the wealthy Gresham family. However, the money is no longer offering the security they have come to know. The matriarch of the estate devises a plan to keep the family afloat, but arranged marriages and the heart’s desires don’t always align. Below is a trailer.

LISTEN: Beauty Inside Out Episode 65: Summer Aromatherapy Tips & How to Support Your Lymphatic System

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