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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends.

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1.    Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it. Inside social media’s black market.

2.    A terrific guide to Buenos Aires.

3.    How to keep children safe from abuse at the doctor’s office.

4.    The struggle to conceive with frozen eggs.

5.    What you need to know about C-sections.

6.    How a woman evaded airport security and flew to London.

7.    In-N-Out Managers make $160K on average.

8.    The startling link between sugar and Alzheimers.

9.    How DNA testing botched my family’s history and probably yours, too.

10.  What your period is trying to tell you about your health.

11.  Tom Brady’s water habit could kill an ordinary person.

12.  L.A.’s homelessness surged 75% in six years. Here’s why the crisis has been decades in the making.

13.  Why we should all stop saying I know exactly how you feel.

14.  This banana buckwheat bread is delicious.

15.  Finally a recipe for real sour cream onion dip.

16.  Albuquerque police officer adopts a homeless addict’s baby after a chance on-duty encounter.

17.  The incredible story of the North Korean escapee at the State of the Union.

18.  Kate Middleton’s private hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker, has Instagrammed a picture of everything she packs to get the royal’s hair perfect.

19.  How to clean an oven naturally.

20.  Why you should always deliver the bad news first.

21.  This black bean soup has a secret ingredient that makes it over-the-top good!

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