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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends.

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1.    These life lessons penned by a 27-year-old woman dying of cancer will make you stop and think.

2.    How to end the opioid crisis.

3.    The movies to look forward to this year.

4.    Male nurses explain why nursing is the job of the future for men.

5.    The geographic areas where people live the longest and clues to why.

6.    A 3 step natural prescription for menopause and perimenopause that works for most women.

7.    This double chocolate bundt cake with chocolate glaze is great for a Valentine’s Day dessert.

8.    The strange brands in your Instagram feed.

9.    Will facial exercises make you look three years younger?

10.  Americans are pretty ugly when parking their cars.

11.  Harvard links chemicals in clothing to flight attendant health complaints.

12.  14 ways to survive 14 hours flying in coach.

13.  How the elderly lose their rights.

14.  90% of workers likely to see more money in pay check next month.

15.   How about a blood test instead of a colonoscopy?

16.  Tonya Harding is no hero.

17.  How to avoid theft when traveling.

18.  These are the cars people keep for 15 years.

19.  Is your ID approved for travel?

20.  Why does Alzheimer’s affect more women than men?

21.  A great guide for buying traditional foods on a budget.

22.  I love this simple and satisfying avocado salad.

23.  How to read a skin care label.

24.  Executive Pastry Chef Maggie Scales of La Boulangerie and Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, Louisiana shares her king cake recipe.

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