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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

1.    A list of ways to help Houston.

2.    How to avoid scams before donating to an organization.

3.    The rise of chronic Lyme disease and what to do about it.

4.    The Lyme prevention checklist.

5.    Why do so many men suffer depression in silence?

6.    Do you know how other’s see you? We don’t always correctly read how the outside world reads us. Find out how to improve your perception and the benefits you’ll see.

7.    5 awesome YouTube app features.

8.    How to maximize your next Uber ride.

9.    Are multi-level companies forcing people into debt?

10.  The search engine Bing is bigger than you think.

11.  The best macaron recipe.

12.  36 hours in Cincinnati.

13.  Hostess with the mostest Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm shares her favorite party tips and recipes.

14.  Sorry your home isn’t an investment.

15.  Everything you ever wanted to know about taking a cruise.

16.  These salted dark chocolate chip and roasted pecan cookies are sure to please the cookie lovers in your life.

17.  The rise and fall of the Christian bookstore.

18.  How to set smartphone limits for your kids.

19.  Please forgive us at Blue Apron for this week’s meals.

20.  This Philadelphia travel guide includes some of my top recommendations.

21.  “Support and love must flow to the patient and fear and discomfort must flow away. If you are not good at expressing love and gratefulness to your friend, learn how to do so quickly.” The tech community is mourning the loss of Ted Rheingold, who died of cancer over the weekend. The last thing he wrote is worth a read: Etiquette and the Cancer Patient.

22.  A new kind of classroom: no grades, no failing, no hurry.

23.  Football Favoritism at FSU: the price one teacher paid.

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