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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great week, friends!

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1.     On being a guest vs. a customer. If you work in the service industry, this is a good read.

2.    How to save money on cable, internet, and phone charges.

3.    The complete list of 2017 James Beard Award winners. Congratulations to Chef Zachary Engel of Shaya, my favorite Israeli restaurant in New Orleans, who was named Rising Star Chef of the Year.

4.    How two Mississippi college students fell in love and decided to join a terrorist group.

5.     LAX terminal for VIPs opens and stars may demand it in their contracts.

6.    Why do students get summers off?

7.    Why your organic milk may not be organic.

8.    Tips to build a better password.

9.    Why Instagram is becoming Facebook’s next Facebook.

10.  There are three sides to every argument.

11.  Tips for raising a highly sensitive child.

12.  Does being assertive make you a good leader?

13.  Conquering Machu Picchu, the cheap and quick way.

14.  How 29-year old Ellen Bennet became the culinary world’s apron queen. P.S. I lover her aprons. I have a denim polka dot design.

15.  The most popular margarita recipe on Pinterest.

16.  These raw peanut butter caramel fudge bars are delicious.

17.  Why you still can’t get along with your siblings.

18.  A list of conversation starters for your next networking event or social gathering.

19.  The unspoken code of dog walking.

20.  Meet the man who turns commercial jets into airborne palaces.

21.  Chip Conley joined Airbnb at 52 and shares lessons on age, wisdom, and tech.

22.  Here’s a list of new fiction recommended by Departures.

23.  Tupelo Honey Cafe’s famous pimento cheese nachos.

24.  A new study suggests celiac disease could be linked to a usually harmless virus that causes the human immune system to overreact to gluten.

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