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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great week, friends!

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1.    How to build resilient kids even after a loss.

2.    As rates for anxiety disorders rise, researchers are working to find more effective treatments. In the meantime, what can sufferers do? Find out one woman’s experience overcoming anxiety.

3.    Guys will love this beer cheeseburger with onion rings and beer pickled jalapenos.

4.    True stories of being the NFL draft’s last pick.

5.    The single most important ingredient.

6.    How to take the perfect nap.

7.    How a dying man’s lost recipe made his daughter a multimillionaire.

8.    How much personal space do people like in different parts of the world?

9.    Secure your online accounts by revoking access from third-party apps.

10.  The anatomy of the perfect email.

11.  This wedding season, gift cash in a simple and elegant way for friends who are saying, “I do.”

12.  Why sales of real books are going up.

13.  Farmer’s market tip #1: Bring cash! Plus, 9 more things you should know before shopping at your local market.

14.  Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino embodies everything that’s wrong with the food scene today.

15.  How the Internet gave mail-order brides the power.

16.  I really enjoyed this interview with Sheryl Sanberg.

17.  How to have a learning vacation.

18.  An FBI agent shares 8 tips to identify people who are deceptive or perpetual liars.

19.  How I learned resilence from my mom.

20.  36 hours in Tokyo.

21.  The definitive guide to the paleo diet.

22.  The hottest party hair looks for spring.

23.  A travel experts shares how to plan the perfect vacation.

24.  A lasagne-like take on enchiladas, this Smoky Chicken Enchilada recipe from Baltimore chef Spike Gjerde requires no rolling of the tortillas.

Share what you read, watched, heard, or did that made you think twice.

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