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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    Are you worried about a loved one? Maybe he or she is not following doctor’s advice, spending too much, smoking excessively, lying or dating the wrong person? Or maybe your loved one is depressed or just generally checked out? Interventions aren’t just for addiction problems anymore. Discover a new way to stage a group intervention.

2.    When she lost her husband, Sheryl Sandberg also lost her bearings. Now she wants to help others find a way through grief.

3.    Let’s be honest the United passenger was as much wrong as the company.

4.    How Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey was found.

5.    Dating for the first time in six years.

6.    Why so many people are popping vitamin D and why we’re testing for its deficiency.

7.    Why it’s okay if a woman doesn’t want children.

8.    Who’s making Trader Joe’s food?

9.    An interview with Famous in Love costume designer Cameron Dale whose previous work includes Pretty Little Liars and Hart of Dixie.

10.  To be a genius, think like a 94-year-old.

11.  Dating advice for introverts.

12.  Make these pecan praline buns for Easter.

13.  Here are some practical tips to become more intuitive and how to use your intuition to make better decisions.

14.  False eyelashes are everywhere.

15.  Your fitness tracker can count your steps, but it’s not that good at monitoring your heart rate.

16.  Advice on helping teen girls thrive.

17.  How Uber conquers a city.

18.  Tips for getting through TSA faster.

19.  The best snickerdoodles recipe.

20.  The 5 best apps for editing your travel photos on the go.

21.  Don’t miss these hotspots in San Fransisco.

22.  How phones and social media are turning consumers into whistleblowers.

23.  Malibu travel guide. This destination is still on my California to-do list.

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