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link love

Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    Evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, to include smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items. The Dept of Homeland Security has banned laptops and other electronic devices from airplane cabins for flights from 10 airports. After seeing the same intel reports and communicating with their American counterparts, the UK has joined the ban.

2.    This is the secret to not getting heart disease.

3.    How to learn new things as an adult.

4.    Does your personality change when you move to a new place?

5.    Missing Richard Simmons: how a podcast became an experiment in privacy invasion.

6.    The mistake that’s making your allergies worse.

7.    How Dominos built a $9 billion pizza empire.

8.    How Delta landed on the 100 Best Companies to Work For List.

9.    How to see if you have unclaimed funds.

10.  A promising treatment for Alzheimer’s.

12.  How to prevent bed bugs when traveling.

13.  An alarming number of kids are getting their hands on opioids.

14.  How to listen to a podcast.

17.  Italy’s struggling economy has world’s healthiest people.

18.  Tom Brady’s missing Superbowl jersey has been found in Mexico.

19.  Want to perform CPR properly? Make sure you push down to the beat of the right song.

20.  How one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years.

21.  How the internet gave mail-order brides the power.

22.  Google Maps will now let you share your exact location with friends and family.

23.  How to enjoy Ashville like a local.

24.   Why Chuck Berry is even greater than you think.

25.  How to entertain children on the road.

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