Link Love

Link Love

Some of my favorite articles and recipes for your weekend reading. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   The amazing health benefits of lemon. (

2.   Some of the best short stories to read. (

3.   A great reading list of the best books this year. (

4.   A guide to watching Christmas classics. (

5.   Cabin crew will appreciate these tips for being along during the holidays. (

6.   A great guide to San Diego. (

7.   Ovenly is a new cookbook with recipes from the famed Brooklyn bakery. I can’t wait to bake their vegan chocolate chip cookies. (

8.   Kamran Siddiqi of Sophisticated Gourmet and the author of Handmade Baking shares his peanut butter fudge recipe. (

9.   This turtle fudge is perfect for a holiday party. (

10.  All you need to know about eggs. (the

11.  These buttermilk ricotta pancakes are perfect for brunch. (

12.  I love this collection of fudge recipes. (

13.  This chocolate peanut butter ooey gooey cake sounds delicious. (

14.  Do you have a bucket list? (matador

15.  I want to try all of these gluten-free cookie recipes. (

16.  A great Florida travel guide. (

17.  Some great tips on how to take a perfect food picture from the talented food photographer Matt Armendariz. (

18.  Meet the woman behind one of my favorite cafes in Los Angeles and find out her holiday entertaining tips. (

19.  A lovely guide to Sydney Australia. (

20.  A great strategy to break bad habits. (

Have a lovely weekend!

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