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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.    Protecting your digital life in 7 easy steps.

2.    Oprah’s favorite things 2016 edition.

3.    The economics of dining as a couple.

4.    Why morning people thrive.

5.    The beginner’s guide on eating healthy and how to stick with it.

6.    Meet the baker behind the famed Tartine Bakery.

7.    A football family struggles with their son’s brain injury.

8.    A helpful tool for figuring how much food you’ll need this Thanksgiving.

9.    What to wear for every kind of flight.

10.  What great listeners actually do.

11.  How to be a bad listener.

12.  Michael Strahan’s mom’s butter cake.

13.  How to protect your child in a digital world.

14.  Mary Berry’s new show, “Secrets From Britain’s Great Houses” will include recipes inspired by histories of UK’s grandest residences.

15.  While your genes do have some sway when it comes to your health, research suggests your lifestyle can go a long way towards tipping the scales in your favor and that your DNA doesn’t necessarily control your destiny.

16.  Top 20 fiction books of 2016 so far.

17.  36 hours in Miami and Miami Beach.

18.  How not to overpay on Black Friday.

19.  How hijackers created an airline crisis in the 1970s.

20.  When grief never ends.

21.   A promising cancer treatment that does not involve chemotherapy.

22.  Blake Lively’s s’more cupcake recipe.

23.  What burglars said were the biggest deterrents, what didn’t stop them, and how you can protect your home.

24.  How to eat your way through Paris in 24 hours.

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