Link Love

Link Love

Some of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a lovely weekend!

1.   An inspiring film about cancer survivors conquering Kilimanjaro. (

2.   This sweet potato ice cream is a great idea for a fall dessert. (

3.   Ann Lamont shares her thoughts on grief, gratitude, and grace amid havoc. I am looking forward to reading her new book, Small Victories.  (

4.   This hot chocolate is healthy and delicious. (

5.   A great article about why disappointments don’t defeat us. (

6.   The best children’s books of 2014 (

7.   A guide to visiting the restaurants featured on the show Portlandia. The Portlandia cookbook includes recipes from a collection of chefs, home cooks and Portland-based restaurants, coffee shops and bed and breakfasts. (

8.   Some great tips for wearing the perfect shade of red lipstick. (

9.   A list of the most scenic rail rides in Europe. (

10.  The best cupcake recipes from some of my favorite bakeries. (

11.  I plan on making these breakfast enchiladas. (

12.  Some great ideas for hosting a cookie exchange. (

13.  A terrific guide to London from the authors of the popular cookbook, Eating Well. (

14.  I enjoyed this Miami City Guide. (

15.  The best places to visit in Oakland. (

16.  Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? (

17.  I loved this story and recipe about Tabouleh from a famous culinary chef in Lebanon. (

18.  A list of movies to see before the Oscars. (

19.  I love this new travel app. (

20. Tips for fighting jet lag. (

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