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link love

Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a great weekend, friends!

1.    How bonuses are taxed and treated by the IRS.

2.    Tips for taking better travel photographs.

3.    Good social ties very often start with a dose of nervousness. Don’t let it stop you from getting out there and making the connections you need for your career and personal life. Find out how to triumph over front door syndrome.

4.    A great article about the benefits of social media.

5.    Practice doesn’t make perfect?

6.    This Pink Champagne Cake is perfect for a bridal shower.

7.    When people give us critical feedback, we often drop them from our lives.

8.    Tips for planning a movie date night with friends.

9.    This Philly cheese steak recipe is perfect for game day.

10.  36 hours in Richmond, Virginia.

11.  Tips for dealing with difficult people at work.

12.  Make this chicken salad with avocado and bacon bits for lunch this week.

13.  How small-town Southern lawyer John Grisham became novelist John Grisham.

14.  These game day dips are a sure crowd pleaser.

15.  Your bedroom decor can determine how much sleep you’re getting.

16.  How back pain took over the world.

17.  Crown, the Netflix original drama about Queen Elizabeth will dramatize her six decades on the throne. Here’s the trailer.

18.  Kate Middleton’s best looks from the royal tour in Canada.

19.  An interesting interview with JetBlue’s founder, David Neeleman and his new projects.

20.  The best productivity tips from Fortune’s 40 under 40.

21.  The pill is linked to depression and doctors can no longer ignore it.

22.  Why you should care about who’s watching you online.

23.  Why do some people never evacuate from a hurricane.

Share what you read, watched, heard, or did that made you think twice in the comments.

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