Link Love: What I’m Reading This Week

link loveHere are a few fun links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a great weekend, friends!

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1.     Bogus reviews are being posted on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other sites. Find out tips for spotting a fake review. (

2.    Clutter is never about the stuff, an organization expert explains why and what to do about it. (

3.    Can you spot a liar? (

4.    Sarah Koenig talks about Serial. (

5.    When are you really an adult? (

6.   How to tidy your house, the life-changing Marie Kondo way. (

7.    11 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel maids. (

8.    Building emotional intelligence: what to say to children that are anxious. (

9.    How do you feel when you have plans with a friend and he or she shows up with other people in tow? If it drives you nuts, you’re a “focuser.” If you’re more-the-merrier type, you’re a “diffuser.”

10.  The surprising perks of being easily embarrassed. (

11.  A great article about the rise of functional medicine. (

12.  Maggie Smith on the Dowager Countess: “She Was a Wise Old Bird.” (

13.  One writer talks about her husband’s suicide and why we all need to be honest about male depression. (

14.  Feeling the sting of being unfriended? You’re not alone. (

15.  Former flight attendant recalls star-studded days on board Concorde. (

16.  The best streaming workouts. (

17.  100 healthy recipes. (

18.  Hot AirBNB neighborhoods. (

19.  The link between estrogen and histamine intolerance. (

20.  Dark and dreamy chocolate fudge cake. (

21.  Make ahead soups. (

22.  Gjelina’s famous butterscotch pots de crème. (

Question of the Day: Tell me your favorite book, music or movie in 2015?

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