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Some of my favorite articles and recipes from the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a fabulous weekend!


1.   A list of the best books of 2014. (

2.  Tips for dining alone. (

3.   Some great ideas for planning a Friendsgiving. (

4.   Bone Broth is the new winter miracle drink. (

5.   Sarah Jessica Parker shares her favorite places to visit in Italy. (

6.   A great article about natural sleep remedies. (

7.   A review of the best map apps.  (

8.   A great way to thank a veteran. (

9.   I love this smoothie app. (

10.  An educational article about the lymph system and your health. (


1.   The ultimate dairy-free and gluten-free baking guide. (

2.   This peanut butter fudge pie is a great idea for the upcoming holidays. (

3.   I plan on baking these oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies. (

4.   These chocolate-chip pecan pie bars are a great idea for a thanksgiving dessert. (

5.   The 50 most popular recipes shared on Facebook. (

6.   5 ways to make Avocado toast. (

7.   This Chocolate Banana Bread looks delicious. (

8.   I love this idea for a Bloomin’ Baked Potato. (

9.   Tips on making the perfect buttermilk biscuits. (

10. This jalapeño creamed corn is a great side dish for a dinner party. (

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