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Here are some great links to interesting articles for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.    Do people in this country really live on $2.00 a day? (

2.    Inside Rachel Ray’s tiny kitchen in New York’s East Village. (

3.    These seven daily habits for a clutter free home are worth implementing. (

4.    Find out the best shows to watch this fall on tv. (

5.    Ruth Reichl talks about bouncing back after Gourmet magazine ended. Check out her new cookbook My Kitchen Year. (

6.    TWA flight center hotel is finally becoming a reality. (

7.    Ten tips for flying with babies. (

8.    F-16 pilot Heather Penney was prepared to give her life on Sept. 11 when she was ordered to down the hijacked planes even knowing that the pilot for one of them could have been her father. (

9.    Is is possible to be a perfectionist without driving yourself nuts? (

10.  How to streamline your email and live happily every after. (

11.  Downton Abbey and our love affair with Highclare castle. (

12.  Pilot diverts international flight to save dog on board. (

13.  What’s your Meyers-Briggs personality type? (

14.  Why you have to start prepping for menopause in your 30’s and understanding perimenopause in your 40’s. (

15. 36 hours in Boston. (

16.  A comprehensive guide to keeping your pores’s to a minimum. (

17.  These eleven facts and tips about bras and bra fitting explains why bras are so expensive and why you shouldn’t get a bra fitting at Victoria’s Secret. (

18.  How one diet change will slash your breast and prostate cancer odds. (

19.  The ultimate jean’s guide for any body type. (

20.  I am looking forward to seeing the most buzzed about films at the Venice Film Festival. (


What’s your favorite fall tv show? I enjoy watching Downton Abbey.

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