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Here are some great links to interesting articles for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.     How to make your wifi go faster. (

2.    Your 30-second restaurant etiquette guide including the right way to Instagram your dinner. (

3.    Having young kids doesn’t mean giving up on restaurants. Some great advice on how to dine out with the family and maybe even enjoy it. (

4.    Louisiana native Blaine Lourd went from hunting ducks on the bayou to high-rolling in Hollywood. His memoir, Born on the Bayou is one of my August book picks. (

5.    Meet Cara Nicoletti, a butcher, a baker and the creator of the literary food blog Yummy Books. Cara’s new book, Voracious is one of my August book picks. I love her idea of recreating meals from beloved books. (

6.    As minimum wages rise, restaurants say no to tips and yes to higher prices. (

7.    Jen Welter is the first female in NFL history to hold a coaching position. (

8.    The 15-minute method to writing an unforgettable elevator pitch. (

9.    Are organic supplements actually better? (

10.  Clinical depression may require professional help but loved ones are the first and last defense. Find out why talking less and listening more is key to helping a loved one with depression. (

11.  Have you been accused of being sarcastic or do you know people who use sarcasm in the workplace? There is a place for sarcasm between people who trust each other but it can be toxic when overdone or used in the wrong context. (

12.  This story of a terminally ill man marrying the love of his life is touching. (

13.  Great advice on how to take a compliment. (

14.  While we can’t always get exactly what we want, we can make our wants and needs known. Learn how you can ease your way into communicating more effectively. (

15.  Some great advice on making friends as an adult. (

16.  A fabulous fall denim guide for all shapes and sizes. (

17.  These 10 parenting commandments are inspiring, empowering and informative all at once. (

18.  An informative article about probiotics and why we need them. (

19.  Find out 6 things Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance gets right about dating. (

20.  Now you can make Milano cookies at home with this recipe from Mindy Segal, author of Cookie Love.




What are you reading? Please share an article you found interesting or a book you enjoyed.

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