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Here are some great links to interesting articles for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.    How to find cheap airline tickets. (

2.    What silicon valley gets right about women and motherhood. (

3.    The best way to clean your windows. (

4.    Are you’re fingernails saying that you’re sick? (

5.    Pittsburgh Steeler’s James Harrison took away his kids participation trophies saying he thinks everything in life should be earned. (

6.    5 ways your identity can be stolen when you travel and how to avoid it. (

7.    How to wash your hair less often and beat grease in the process. (

8.    10 salad recipes for people who don’t love salads. (

9.    How to take a great iPhone photo. This one is really helpful. (

10.  From marinara to mustard, more than 20 recipes for dishes and pantry staples that are so much better homemade. (

11.  What it’s like to have ADHD as a grown woman. (

12.  How to eat 3 good meals for just $4 a day. (

13.  Here’s a guide on all things herbs including how to select, store, prepare and incorporate them into your meals.

14.  The best travel hacks tested.

15.  An interesting piece on why moms love Snapchat.

16.  Are you irritated by the sound of chewing, lip-smacking, or sniffing? (

17.  The secrets of Facebook’s trending feed. (

18.  What dairy does to periods. (

19.  Coffee has a history that’s maybe longer than mankind. So can caffeine be considered a vitamin? If so, it’s my favorite one. (

20.  Check out Candace Cameron Bure’s “Fuller House of Glam” profile. Learn some of her beauty and workout tips. I can’t wait for the Netflix series Fuller House this fall. (


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