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Here are some great links for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends.

1.    Travel hacks that even frequent fliers don’t know. (

2.    How do you marry the man of your dreams? Carolyn McCulley, author, and speaker shares her insight on seeing the character and potential of the men in your life. She examines what to look for when you meet someone and how to determine if they’re the right fit. (

3.    A makeup artist shares tips for surviving summer makeup challenges. (

4.    In 1941, 20-something British officer Frank Williams met a dog called Judy at a Japanese prisoner of war camp, and they became best friends. Together they survived starvation, malaria, and a torpedo attack and lived to tell the tale with Judy ultimately being recognized as a hero. Read an excerpt from No Better Friend by Robert Weintraub. (

5.    Foods that are cheaper at Whole Foods. (

6.    A complete guide to outdoor entertaining. (

7.    A great collection of travel photography tips. (

8.    The ten cookbooks every cook should own. (

9.    How to handle a crisis when traveling abroad. (

10.  Why women apologize too much and what to do about it. (

11.  How to keep that post vacation feeling. (

12.  Save this comprehensive pizza guide for New York City before your next visit. (

13.  An informative article about the dangers of poor sleep habits. (

14.  Tips to get rid of clutter. (

15.  This angel food cake recipe sounds heavenly. (

16.  Audrey Hepburn’s son recalls her life and recipes in a new book. (

17.  10 things people with great skin always and never do. (

18.  The nuts and bolts of colonics. (

19.  Frequent travelers share their secrets for better plane trips. (

20.  Consider these tips for simplifying your life. (

Question of the Day:

What are your best travel tips for flying? My best tips are to stay hydrated, pack snacks and download books and magazines on a tablet.


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2 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Saving that pizza guide! When we went to NYC last summer we ate pizza at a random restaurant and when we go back (hopefully next spring) I’d like to be more specific about the restaurant we choose!

    1. Let me know if you find a good pizza parlor. The gf breadsticks at Risotteria Restaurant are really good. The menu is all gf. I would love to try Roberta’s in Brooklyn.

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