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Here are some great links for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.    It turns out we are ending our emails all wrong. (

2.    Voice mails live on after parents are gone. (

3.    Jennifer Weirner shares her thoughts on the pressure women face to look good. (

4.    Dr. Frank Lipman explains the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. (

5.    A group of Nepali women first defied the odds by summiting Mount Everest, then the tallest mountain on every other continent. Now they are up against their greatest challenge: rebuilding their country after two devastating earthquakes. (

6.    Pinterest introduces Buyable Pins, a way to buy things directly within Pinterest. (

7.     I’ve made at least half of these blowdrying mistakes. Perfect your blowout game this weekend. (

8.    Some of Hollywood’s top stylists share some of their styling secrets. (

9.    Not everyone is going to love you. Or your work. And that’s okay. Just go where the love is and forget the rest. (

10.   Find out what’s in season with this June Produce Guide. (

11.  Tips and tricks for the best biscuits ever. (

12.  Learn how to determine the quality of essential oils. (

13.  Your complete guide to every Apple TV channel. (

14.  How to trust God when you’re dreams aren’t working out. (

15.  This guide explains how to make a mixtape for your next road trip. (

16.  One World Trade Center may have opened for business in November but the One World Observatory just opened. (

17.   Thong sales are down. Anyone sad? (

18.  Broma Bakery is a new blog I enjoy reading. Every recipe on Broma Bakery looks amazing. (

19.   The New York Times released their summer reading list. (

20.   What do we do when a parent is dying. (

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