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Here are some great links for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.     The New York Times published a shocking exposé on the horrible conditions in New York City nail salons. (

2.    A powerful essay about the meaning of friendship, love, and heartbreak. (

3.    This hearty, one pot dinner that’s basically Mexican shepherd’s pie is delicious. (

4.    This produce guide for May will help with meal planning and grocery shopping. (

5.    The 5 most important conversations to have when you’re dating. (

6.    Why does a cup of coffee cost $3.50? (

7.    This guide includes so many good tips for styling your hair. (

8.    I enjoyed this essay about a mother’s old cookbooks and recipes. (

9.    5 ways to get your kids started volunteering. (

10.  Do you still have bad breath after brushing your teeth? This articles explains what may be causing your bad breath. (

11.   You can find an Uber for almost everything you need done now. Find out 10 people powered apps that help you get things done. (

12.   See all the looks from fashion’s biggest night at the Met Ball. Emma Stone, Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, and Reese Witherspoon’s gowns are my favorite. (

13.  If you love coffee, you must try this creamy coconut butter coffee. (

14.  Some excellent tips on how to get a good night sleep. (

15.  I made this easy peanut butter fudge. (

16.  A great collection of healthy recipes. I can’t wait to make the sweet potato burgers. (

17.  I want to dine at this restaurant in Toronto. (

18.  These at-home workout videos bring NYC’s most popular trainers into your living room. (

19.  You can make Chipotle’s famous guacamole at home now. (

20.  The 5 Things Your Emails Need To Include To Get People To Read And Respond. (

21.   Ashley’s War, a new book by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, tells the story of the first women to serve alongside Special Operations forces in Afghanistan. (

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6 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Thank you for mentioning me! So sweet. I’m going to be referring to that in-season produce article. I just signed up for a CSA and will need to get creative with everything I receive.

    1. My pleasure! I really enjoy reading your blog! I am trying to do more meal planning and enjoy shopping at farmer’s markets when I have an opportunity. The CSA box sounds like a great idea.

  2. I love Uber, you always meet the most interesting people. I met a man the other day who retired back in 2007 but use to work for 60 Minutes and NBC. We talked about how he worked closely with Clinton, and was shot at it Syria. It was like a history lesson. But onto a not so series topic, I definitely want to try Chipotles guac.

  3. The nail salon story was shocking in some ways and not shocking in others… I just don’t know how they continue to get away with it! I used to go for pedis when I lived in NY and I’m horrified to think that I contributed to that in any way.

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