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Here are some great links for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.    A very good article about why people misunderstand each other. (

2.   Why food and drinks cost so much at the airport. (

3.   Some great tips to avoid paying bank fees and commissions when traveling. (

4.   An inspiring story about a boyfriend too good to be true. (

5.   How chefs teach their kids to cook and eat their veggies. (

6.   A moving essay from a Louisiana native about why relationships are more important than ambition. (

7.   Everything you need to know about acupuncture. (

8.   It is amazing what your tongue reveals about your health. (

9.   Great tips from hair stylists including how often you really need a hair cut and what to do in between appointments. (

10.  Mother’s Day can be a struggle for some women due to deep hurt over infertility, adoption, and singleness. (

11.   Milk Bar is a popular bakery in NYC. Check out the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies from the new cookbook, “Milk Bar Life: Recipes and Stories.” (

12.   Do you take detox baths? This article will explain the many benefits of taking a detox bath. (

13.   Ina Garten shares her dinner party tips. (

14.   I can’t wait to make this chunky monkey ice cream. (

15.   For my blogger friends, check out this great roundup of links for bloggers. (

16.   This grapefruit olive oil cake with bittersweet frosting is perfect for your next dinner party. (

17.   I am looking forward to seeing this movie. (

18.   How to download and delete what Google search already knows about you. (

19.   This new book celebrates single ladies. Listen to an interview with the author. (

20.   Tips on using a smartphone when you travel. (

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