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link-love-04-17-15Here are some great links for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.    Check out this great review of the Apple watch before you spring for your new toy. (

2.    Find out what a flight attendant packs to keep fit. (

3.   11 reasons night owls are more successful than early birds. (

4.    Read this informative article to learn more about your hormones. (

5.    A dermatologist explains everything you need to know about Retinol, the ‘miracle’ molecule. (

6.    The best beauty and hair care sites to shop online. (

7.    Some great tips on how to save money shopping at Whole Foods. (

8.    Some excellent tips for taking better iPhone pictures. (

9.    A great list of iPhone apps for navigation. (

10.  Beth Moore wrote a powerful post about letting go of what’s not coming back. (

11.   Punctuation mistakes to avoid at all costs. (

12.   Conquer your fear of public speaking with these awesome tips. (

13.   Tara Mohr, the author of Playing Big, discusses how women undermine themselves with words. (

14.   Did you know some of your favorite fast food restaurants like In N Out have a secret menu?

15.   I love this playlist. (

16.   Carrots and graham crackers come together in this delicious layer cake. (

17.    If you find that you often feel uncomfortable in your shoes, you may be wearing the wrong heel height for you. Use this guide to measure your best heel height. (

18.   Some helpful tips for dealing with 5 common clutter causes and what to do about it. (

19.  Discover 10 secrets to a long and happy life from the people of Ottawa, Japan. (

20.  Save this list of important things to do the day of your trip. (

I hope you enjoyed this installment of useful links.  Feel free to comment on any of the topics from this post or share links to articles that you’ve enjoyed recently.

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  1. Wonderful list you put together here, I love number 3 since I belong to the night owls club. Now on #11, gotta take down some notes on this one. 🙂

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