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Here are some great links for your weekend reading enjoyment. I hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

1.   I enjoy spending time in New Orleans when I visit my parents. This travel guide features some of my favorite hot spots. (

2.   Do your single friends a favor and stop asking these questions. (

3.   How to tie the only 5 knots you will ever need. (

4.   A fascinating interview with an immunologist about why we have allergies. (

5.   A guide to getting mascara stains out of anything. (refinery29.c0m)

6.   Tips for navigating the farmer’s market from April Bloomfield. (

7.   When we become obsessed with other people’s opinions of us, we lose sight of the one whose really matters. (

8.   Some great apps for local encounters on your next trip. (

9.   Is this the future of aviation? Planes without pilots? (

10. This is a great compilation of the best news sources. (darling

11.  I am going to make these homemade thinkThin bars. (

12.  A great read for parents of young children about spending quality time with your kids vs. quantity. (

13.  A list of the best 100 books of the decade so far. (

14.  I am crazy about avocado fries. (

15.  One of my favorite actors is James Franco. Watch the trailer for his latest role here. (

16.  The top 10 genius recipes you will want to try from the new Genius Recipes cookbook. (

17.  Sign up to make your dream trip a reality with this free 30 day online class taught by Chris Guillebeau. Chris visited all 193 countries. (

18.  An epic travel guide to the world’s coolest cities. (

19.  This banoffee pie is one of the delicious recipes from Sarah Britton’s debut cookbook, My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season, based on her beautiful whole foods recipe blog. (

20.  An exclusive look at Facebook’s AMAZING office cafeteria. (

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