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Here are a few good reads for your weekend reading. I hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a  lovely weekend.

1.   A gentleman shares things women do that captivate and confuse men. (

2.   How to join the “Amazing Race” for regular people. (

3.   An informative article about the health concerns in wearable tech. (

4.   I really appreciated this post about women and jealousy. I think it is important for women to celebrate the successes of other women. (

5.   A powerful essay about sincerity. (

6.   A fascinating article about the secret language of airport runways. (

7.   How to program your mind to stop buying junk you don’t need. (

8.   Rude in Tokyo, rude not to in New York, tipping mystifies tourists, economists and anthropologists. Should we stop? (

9.   Beyond Botox: new anti-aging treatments that will leave you looking like yourself. (

10.  The 38 essential home and furniture stores to shop online (

11.  Negativity online – An essay inspired by 200,000 comments. (

12.  This guide explains how to drive across the U.S. hitting all the major landmarks. (

13.  How to pick (the right) ripe produce. (

14.  I can’t wait to make these dark chocolate-carmel cookie bars. (

15.  Great tips for selling used clothing online. (

16.  Streaming music is the new way to indulge in thousands of available songs, without cluttering your device with large audio files. This article reviews the most popular music streaming services to help you choose which is right for you.

17.  A fascinating read about how Ikea took over the world. (

18.  Flight attendants tell their craziest celebrity stories. (

19.  The ultimate guide to the Apple Watch. (

20.  The key to being a good friend. (

On the Blog this week: Find out my favorite Emerald Green Products including the best macaroons, a fabulous new cookbook, and delicious green tea. I also share the products I use for a DIY home manicure and 16 of my favorite pink nail polish picks.

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