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Hope you enjoy this edition of Link Love. Have a lovely weekend! Here’s the roundup of the week’s favorite links…

1.    52 Places to go in 2015. (

2.   This Palm Springs travel guide is awesome. (

3.   Do you know your style personality? (

4.   The ultimate guide to birthday freebies. (

5.   13 iMessage tips you never knew existed. (

6.   A Dermatologist explains how to pop a pimple. (

7.   How to be the fastest person in the self-check out line. (

8.   Perfect sugar cookies. (

9.   15 unexpected household-cleaning remedies. (

10.  I seriously need these tips for decluttering my iPhone camera roll. (

11.  The best dresses from the Oscars. (

12.  Rosamund Pike’s gorgeous red dress was my favorite gown at the Oscars.(

13.  A fabulous Miami travel guide. (

14.  Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine. (

15.  This is so funny: I Tried Taylor Swift’s Diet and It Was a Joy. (

16.  United Health Care tightens rules on Hysterectomy coverage. (

17.  Good advice from Seth Godin on why the very thing we all try so hard to avoid may actually be what sets us apart.  (

18. Are you using Snapchat yet? This helpful guide will get you started using SnapChat. (

19.  How one New Yorker lives comfortably in 90 square feet. (

20.  An easy chocolate cake recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers and cookbook authors. (

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