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Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a lovely weekend.

Some of my favorite links this week:

1.   The cutest recipes to make this Easter. (

2.   These healthy Cup-a-soup recipes are perfect for a long haul flight or lunch at the office. Just add hot water to a heatproof mason jar and enjoy. (

3.   A great tutorial on how to remove a gel manicure at home. (

4.   How does Jelly Belly create its weird flavors? (

5.   Some great tips for choosing the best toxin-free cosmetics. (

6.   A great collection of free online workouts for common trouble spots. (

7.   Ten tips to break bad habits. (

8.   Queens, N.Y. is one of the best places to experience multicultural cuisines. I bookmarked several restaurants David recommended in his guide to dining in Queens, N.Y. (

9.   Find out what your favorite Easter candy says about your personality. I remember as a kid that I couldn’t wait to get my Easter basket and tear into the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. (

10.  I love this list of 72 things to do, see and hear all month-long. (

11.  Renowned chef Thomas Keller shares Easter recipes including hot cross buns, carrot muffins, and homemade peeps. (

12.  Sara Forte just released her second cookbook, “The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon this week, and it’s full of easy, healthy recipes. She shares some of her recipes from the cookbook HERE.

13.  A great story about minimalizing kid’s toys. (

14.  I am listening to this amazing series from Matt Chandler. My favorite so far was “women’s hurdles,” which is all about comparison and perfectionism. It is so good. (

15.  Here are Five questions to consider before getting offended by something you read online.(

16.  If you’ve ever wondered about the stories behind airport codes, you can turn to a new website for answers. (

17.  Listen to this amazing TED talk, “Everyone Around You Has A Story The World Needs To Hear.” (

18.  This app tells you how long you’ll be stuck in that traffic jam. (

19.  I can’t wait to make these delicious Easter eggs. (

20.  How eating one raw carrot a day can balance hormones and detox the body. (

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