Link Love

Link Love

Happy Weekend! Here are some of my favorite links this week. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

1.    A very informative post about PMS, cysts, depression and other female health issues. (

2.   Great advice for single women. (

3.   The best way to reheat a slice of pizza. (

4.   PHIND is a new app that gives you information, things to do, and places to go by simply taking a photo. (

5.   An awesome hotel room workout. (

6.   A great article about the most influential women in food. (

7.   Download these mobile apps before your next layover. (

8.   The secret to better phone photos. (

9.   The best bone broth recipes. (

10.  10 things TSA won’t tell you. (

11.  How Harper Lee’s long sequel to Kill a Mockingbird was found. (

12.  Are you always late? (

13.  How to avoid air travel health risks. (

14.  A very informative article about the vaccine controversy. (

15.  How to surf the web anonymously and hide your tracks. (

16.  The best places to buy chocolate in the world. (

17.  Some great tips for traveling with children. (

18.  A great podcast series for singles. (

19.  I love this new funny weather app. (

20.  What Christian Grey looks like in the real world. (

21.  Mardi Gras is coming up. King Cake Pecan Pie  ( // Mardi Gras King Cake ( // Louisiana Favorites ( // Homemade King Cake Donuts  ( // Gluten-Free King Cake  (

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