Link Love

Link Love

Some of my favorite links from around the web. Hope you enjoy this edition of link love. Have a fabulous weekend!

1.   A great  N.Y.C. travel guide. (

2.   15 resolution’s from some of humanity’s greatest minds. (

3.   What are the symptoms of celiac disease? (

4.   15 tips for protecting your images while traveling. (

5.   The town without wifi. (

6.   In case you missed it, Jimmy Fallon blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman.  (

7.   5 things to consider before posting online. (

8.   The making of the movie Boyhood. (

9.    An inspiring story about the first female astronaut in space, Sally Ride. (

10.  Have you heard of these super foods? (

11.  The best dresses at the Golden Globes. I liked Julianna Moore’s dress. (

12.  A guide to finding the best products on ETSY. (

13.  5 inspirational songs of 2014 to keep on your 2015 playlist. (

14.  Carrie Underwood’s trainer shares some exercises for a beautiful booty. (

15.  What to do if you’ve been hacked and how to prevent it. (

16.  How to save money while traveling the world. (

17.  A collection of crock pot recipes. (

18.  Learn how to contour your face. (

19.  Stay healthy on the road with these apps. (

20. A fascinating article about life aboard the International Space Station. (


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