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1.  Why are the most popular encrypted messaging apps, iMessage and WhatsApp are also the most permissive?

2.  Scientists have discovered a “mind-blowing” link between gut health and age reversal.

3. Vanity Fair wrote this article about a case that has been reopened recently concerning the mysterious death of billionaire Doris Duke’s husband back in the 1960s.

4. How did Cathie Wood become Wall Street’s hottest stock picker?

5. How to read newsletters without clogging up your Inbox.

6. Rules for middle-age happiness.

7. Natural remedies for indigestion.

8. Tips for backpacking.

9. Meet the chef who ditched fine dining to cook for cancer patients.

10. Inside Ibogaine: a promising and dangerous drug for addiction.

11. Phishing campaigns are one of the favorite tools in a cybercriminal’s tool bag. Here’s how to recognize phishing messages.

12. The editors at MIT Technology Review tried three different over-the-counter at-home covid tests, and here’s what they found.

13. Heidi’s flourless cake only requires a few ingredients.

14. Giada’s guide to Tuscany, Italy, includes some of my favorites.

15. A terrific travel guide to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia.

16.  I plan on making this coconut milk coffee ice cream in my new ice cream maker.

17.  A detailed resource list for menopause and perimenopause.

18. The best movies of 2021. Which ones did you enjoy?

19.  Alone in the sky, pilot and fiancee save lives in Tennessee flood.

20.  How to remember people’s names.

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