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1.     A 79-year-old man from Alberta, Canada, went to beauty school last week for a lesson on how to do his beautiful wife’s hair and makeup amid her vision failing.

2.    Why some people are not taking the vaccine.

3.    12 highly specific steps for the best chocolate chip cookies.

4.    The unrivaled arrival of Trevor Lawrence.

5.    Flour Bakery’s popular banana bread recipe.

6.    Why vaccine passports prolong lockdowns.

7.    Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta recipe.

8.    A deep dive into the celebrity world of beauty brands.

9.    5 helpful tips for Google maps outside of navigation.

10.  The price of the stuff that makes stuff is surging.

11.   A new alternative to big tech platforms.

12.  Why having friends of different ages matters.

13.  I like this creamy avocado cilantro dressing.

14.  7 tips to improve your sleep.

15.  The key to reading people.

16.  Why Mezcal is the hottest liquor on the market.

17.  The Biden administration asked for a global waiver on vaccine intellectual property protections. What is this waiver? Why does it matter? Why did Biden stand up to big pharma?

18.  Beef is expensive so why are cattle rancher’s going bankrupt?

19. This Instagram handle is also a website, where you can find an unbelievable list of recipes organized by ingredient.

20.  An introduction to IV Therapy.

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