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Link LoveHere are a few fun and informative links from around the web. I hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

Note: Links are not endorsements.

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1.    How will we all know that a Covid-19 vaccine is safe?

2.    An award-winning pastry chef doctors up boxed cornbread.

3.    Sister Pie’s buttered rum shortbread cookies.

4.    Shirley Corriher’s roasted pecan chocolate chip cookies.

5.    Bravetart’s triple oatmeal cookies.

6.   80’s tangy lemon icebox cookies from Gourmet magazine.

7.    How to make a cheese board that’s beautiful.

8.    NPR’s best cookbooks of the year.

9.    The best cookbooks of 2020.

10.  An interview with Ina Garten.

11. Your guide to the many types of tacos in Texas, where to find them, and how to enjoy them!

12.  A fascinating interview with Julian Assange’s fiance.

13. Why did a former crime reporter upend her life and stability for Martin Shkreli, one of the least-liked men in the world?

14.  What’s next for the church in America?

15.  How doctors die.

16.  A collection of gluten-free dessert recipes.

17.  The biggest star on TV right now is the Barbour jacket. P.S. I love mine.

18.  These are some of the best photo editing apps for the iPhone.

19.  A brow guru shares her tips for at-home brow maintenance.

20. How to make roux like a pro.

21.  Mouth breathing may be ruining your sleep. Here’s how to fix it. P.S. I’m reading James Nestor’s new book, Breath.

P.S. Share what you read, watched, heard, or did that made you think twice in the comments.

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