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1.    Scientists warned in 2017 that a SARS-like virus could escape a lab set up that year in Wuhan, China, to study some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world.

2.    How negativity can ruin a relationship.

3.    36 hours in Buenos Aires.

4.    Do these 10 things to have an easy moving day.

5.    Apple Airpod tricks.

6.    This chocolate almond coffee smoothie tastes delicious.

7.    Gaby’s guide to Mexico City.

8.    This Maryland hot crab dip recipe is perfect for a Superbowl party.

9.    Hashimoto’s Disease puts patients on a thyroid rollercoaster.

10.  10 tips to reverse thyroid hair loss.

11.  Ali’s tips for where to eat, stay and visit in Istanbul, Turkey.

12.  A guide to understanding infertility.

13.  The ultimate guide to grits.

14.  Dr. Ashley’s elderberry syrup recipe. Studies show they are effective in preventing and treating colds and the flu.

15.  David’s recipe for thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies.

16.  Understanding ADHD.

17.  Tips for baking gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

18.  The best hikes in every state.

19.  The best-paying jobs in 2020.

20.  While the gluten-free diet effectively treats 70% of celiac cases, up to 30% of patients may experience ongoing symptoms and intestinal inflammation.

21.  Just a few months before his first full season as LSU head coach began, Ed Orgeron’s wife, Kelly, nearly lost her life in a medical emergency.

22.  36 hours in Honolulu.

23.  How to report spam texts to your mobile phone carrier.

24.  How to stop eating sugar.

25.  I’m reading Total Gut Balance: Fix Your Mycobiome Fast for Complete Digestive Wellness by Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum. If you have issues with recurrent yeast infections and other digestive issues, I recommend this book.

26.  I never travel without Argentyn 23 Sovereign Silver. It can help prevent virus-caused illness. Note: not all silver products are the same.

27.  Stephanie’s recipe for a healthier White Russian cocktail is perfect for your New Year’s resolution happy hour.

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