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1.   The New York Times just released its annual list of the 52 places every traveler should visit.

2.   How the Bachelor franchise became a launchpad for Instagram influencers.

3.   Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, “Richard Jewell,” is an engaging story that should be viewed.

4.  How to get digital accounts ready in case of death.

5.   A guide to understanding diabetes.

6.   What to say when a friend gets a divorce.

7.   The best places to eat in Greenville, South Carolina.

8.   The bachelorette Hannah Brown is free to make all the bad choices she wants, but a truly empowered woman would own the outcomes, not make others bear the consequences.

9.   Are Harry and Meghan planning to monetize the monarch?

10.  How to make small talk according to experts.

11.  A guide to understanding Lyme disease.

12.  The best bras might be made in Poland.

13.  Use this browser extension to show you what Amazon books are available at your local library.

14.  What to do if you leave something on the plane.

15.  Is airline food safe to eat?

16.  What airline crews know about managing stress.

17.  How to talk about unspeakable things.

18.  The War Powers Resolution is unconstitutional.

19.  Australia is burning due to the arsonists, not climate change.

20.  The latest in translation apps.

21. The Sussexes have not stepped down from Royal life, but they may have to resign.

22.  You will not be able to tell there is no corn in Dr. Ashley’s version of “cornbread“. For many individuals with damaged guts, corn can cause unwanted symptoms. The addition of coconut flour makes this recipe easily digestible without compromising traditional cornbread texture.

23.  I’m currently reading “A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging” by Suzanne Somers.

24.  I purchased this travel lighted makeup mirror with 10X magnification. It will be one of my top purchases for 2020 for sure.

25.  Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has made Christianity the foundation of his program, using faith to bring together players and coaches.

26. The L.S.U. coach lifted his football team to No. 1 with his skill and challenged cultural stereotypes with his colorful voice.

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