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Here are a few fun and informative links from around the web. I hope you enjoy this edition of link love.

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1.    Do you know all the ways you can use your Apple wallet?

2.    21 diseases commonly confused with celiac disease.

3.    The best sheets according to hotel insiders.

4.   How does Spotify know you so well?

5.   How Irish Kerry Gold butter conquered America’s kitchen.

6.    Why I send an article to guests before we sit down to dinner.

7.    The complete guide to bone broth.

8.    The Lion House rolls are the best.

9.    Sally’s chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies are easy to prepare.

10.  The best places to travel in 2020 before everyone else does.

11.  How to politely decline an invitation.

12.  36 hours in Indianapolis.

13.  The power of one push-up.

14.  Where to eat at the New Orleans airport.

15.  A fantastic interview with the female owner of In N Out Burger. Find out why the company prints Bible verses on their cups.

16.  The baking step you can skip.

17.  Why you should switch to Signal or Telegram from Whatsapp today.

18.  The scam of deadly fitness supplements.

19.  The best cookbooks for new home cooks, according to 8 professional chefs.

20.  Understanding Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity.

21.  Oprah’s favorite things 2019.

22.  This loaded guacamole recipe is a party in a bowl.

23.  Ina’s onion dip recipe is perfect for tailgating.

24.  How to avoid pickpockets in Europe.

25.  Which is better: exchange money or use ATM abroad?

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